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Understanding SharePoint Framework (SPFx) – Developers’ Perspective

Our recent webinar on ‘Introduction to SharePoint Framework’ (SPFx) attracted very active participation from a large number of developers. This blog gives a brief overview of SharePoint Framework followed by answers to questions from the participants of that webinar. Understanding SharePoint Framework: As Microsoft says, “The SharePoint Framework is a Page and Part model that enables […]

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Using “Jasper”to Generate and Export Reports

Data reporting is the process of collecting and submitting data to authorities entrusted with compiling statistics. Accurate data reporting gives rise to accurate analysis of the facts on the ground; inaccurate data reporting can lead to wrong decision making. The common problems in data reporting can be due to change in business logic or if there is need for enhancement of the

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Web Application Development

OAuth 2.0 (Part 1)

Introduction OAuth 2.0 (Open Authentication) is an authorization framework which enables websites or applications to obtain limited access to a HTTP service (such as Facebook, GitHub, Google, etc…). It is commonly used as a way for users to authorize third-party (websites or application) to access their information on other web services but without sharing their […]

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