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Out-Source to Out-Perform – 7 Questions on Outsourced Product Development you Always Had, But Didn’t Know Whom to Ask!

Scott & Dilbert always crack me UP! It does address a lot of common questions I have encountered selling IT services to a large number of companies across the globe. It has become very common for start-ups to begin their entire product development by leveraging companies offshore. From being a long haul possibility for large […]

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The Web has to be accessible to differently enabled people as it offers unprecedented opportunities for overcoming challenges related to communication and collaboration. The `Web Accessibility Testing’ blog series will include: An introduction to Web Accessibility Testing – Part 1 Implementing Web Accessibility – Part 2 Principles of Accessible Design – Part 3

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5 Ways to Maximize Business Value in Insurance with SharePoint

Today, enterprises have become data-intensive! It is all about controlling expenses, increasing efficiency and above all engaging with customers. The insurance Industry is no exception. To generate a significant business value proposition, improve collaboration among employees and ensuring documentation is properly produced, controlled and audit-able, several insurance companies are harnessing the power of Microsoft SharePoint. […]

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