We help Schools and Educational Institutions built Technology to offer better learning flexibility and business administration

Trigent's Enterprises Solutions

Trigent has used innovative video streaming, VoIP, text to speech and complex simulation technologies to build e-Learning solutions for its clients. e-Learning solutions can delivered over the web, as SaaS solutions or on-premise solutions.

Trigent has extensive experience with integrating clients’e-commerce sites with e-learning solution providers like Articulate Online. Using Trigent’s custom API solutions and middleware, clients can manage their e-learning content, customers and courseware from their own e-commerce portals while connecting to external sites like Articulate online or other such solutions.

Trigent helps organizations design, develop and deploy their educational content into online e-learning solutions. Solutions could be:

  • Teaching aids
  • Certification and assessment tools
  • Simulation tools
  • Custom LMSs
  • Self service and training packages
  • User training demos