High Tech (ISVs)

Our 4D methodologies help ISVs reduce cost, time to market and achieve better results. We have developed 100+ products for fortune ISVs

High Tech (ISVs - Independent Software Vendors)

Trigent helps High Tech companies such as Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), SaaS companies and Web Services companies build and maintain software products. ISVs come to Trigent to improve time to market, leverage best practices and technology, obtain excellent quality and realize great value and cost advantage that other unfocused outsourcing companies cannot provide.

Since 1994, Trigent has developed 100+ software products for Independent Software Vendors.

High tech (ISVs), Healthcare, SaaS, E-Commerce, Online Retail, Collaboration, Real Estate, Utilities, Financial Services, Software Tools

Product Definition / Visioning

Trigent helps high tech companies analyze their markets, validate market research data, define their product positioning, develop a Business Vision and evolve specifications through a Discovery exercise. Trigent uses a proprietary 4D (Discover, Design, Develop and Deploy phases) for product development. In a Discovery exercise, we collaborate closely to develop functional specifications, software requirements and a project plan for the product design, development and deployment.

Trigent's teams comprise business analysts, marketing specialists, software architects and domain specialists.

Product Design and Development

We help ISVs design and develop scalable, robust software products, both web applications (SaaS and on premise) and client server products. Trigent teams work using various software methodologies like 4D, Agile, Iterative and traditional Waterfall to develop products. We advise clients on environmental issues, green technologies, hosting, infrastructure, beta testing and deployment issues.

Trigent uses a variety of Technologies and Tools, both proprietary and OpenSource to design and build products.

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Product QA, Testing, Maintenance and Support

Trigent provides QA & Testing Services for a variety of software products, web applications, enterprise applications and electronic devices. Services span Domain, Technology and Operations centric testing.

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Product Marketing Services for ISVs

Our services helps High Tech ISVs and Startups use their website as a marketing engine and manage online marketing efforts. Our team of professionals helps you establish and control online marketing campaigns, inbound marketing programs, fine tune your website for Search Engines (SEO) and run Pay per Click campaigns.

Services for specific industry segments