PREPP Technical Services

Our Services for Technology Startups help them accelerate their Product Development

Trigent will provide you the technology, engineering, product development services that you need for your startup.

Trigent's PREPP services provide business solutions to startups through strategic technology consulting. Startups leverage this structured model to scale their business and achieve profitability over a short period. It helps them overcome preliminary hurdles by providing CTO level consulting right from technology planning to product conceptualization stage.

CTO Services

Trigent will provide you all the services a CTO provides you during the initial months of your venture. Specifically, Trigent will provide:

  • Research Services for Product / Solution Planning
    Conceptual level solution formulation, competitive positioning, work with client provided market sizing, market analysis. Based on market findings and competitive position required, formulate a solution to suit the requirements of the market client is addressing.
  • Technology Planning Services
    Product visualization, planning, technology selection, high level schedules and development strategy. Based on the market requirement and solution requirement, provide technology selection, product high level design, development phases, versioned deliveries etc.
  • Services to Co-Present the Technology Vision to Investors
    Trigent will help in Co-presenting the technical plan to the investment community along with the founders. Act as client's development organization and provide the material and presentation for investor scrutiny.

Trigent will engage its CTO and senior technical personnel experienced in these areas for providing these services, based on the vision and approach provided by the founders. The goals will be to expand the business vision to evolve a technology and solution approach, feasibility assessment of such solutions and working on high level budgets for business plan preparation. The services are delivered as consultations via focused whiteboard sessions, meetings, reviews and presentations. Necessary documents are delivered as required for the engagement.

Engineering Management

Trigent will manage all the engineering, project management and resource management tasks necessary for product development.

Once the overall technical validity of the solutions has been agreed on the product needs engineering plans and execution methodology to make it into reality. Our experienced team will be engaged with the CTO and founders to work out the necessary details in order to get clarity of how the product will be developed, schedules, staffing etc.

  • Development of high level requirements, prototypes, wireframes, and product demos, etc. Prepare high level documents necessary for visualization and demo of the product that is to be developed.
  • Preparation of schedules, project management plans, staffing plans, product version planning, release dates.
  • Product deployment planning and design. Release management.

Product/Proof Of Concept (POC) Development

Product coding, testing and deployment services will be provided by our expert teams to meet the specification requirements as defined by the engineering plans. Our teams will also perform a detailed requirements analysis to fully develop the technical specifications of the product to be developed.

  • Product Design
  • Product Development
  • Product Testing and Release
  • Product Deployment and Support

Full Lifecycle Product Development and Support

Technology services include planning, execution and delivery of the product to be developed. Our service offering addresses the full life-cycle of your new product development so you realize the full potential of your vision for the product.