Mobile Software Development

Mobile Software Development / Mobile Software Testing
We build Robust Mobile Applications across Customer centric functions in Android and iOS platform.

Mobile Software Development

We build mobile applications that can help you reduce customer response time, costs and increase customer satisfaction and service revenue. Our focus is to help you provide your sales force and customers' better support for your product and enhance your customer service experience. Trigent's experienced consultants will transform ideas to a rich, scalable and reliable mobile application solution keeping in consideration to your timelines. Trigent consultants will study your existing applications and services to create powerful mobile applications through mash-up. Trigent does not focus on mobilizing the desktop applications, Trigent works with you to improve the existing processes by leveraging the unique aspects of the mobile platform such as touch interface, voice, geo-location, video while working with limits such as small screen.

Trigent can help you build mobile application in these categories:


Trigent currently focuses all its development efforts on Apple iOS and Android platforms. For suitable projects, Trigent utilizes PhoneGap, a cross platform framework.

Mobile Web Applications

Web applications that are specifically targeted for mobile devices are highly effective way to bring new applications to the market quickly. This is also highly preferred when your application mostly focuses around textual and numeric data. By combining HTML5 and other related technologies Trigent can develop mobile web application that can deliver great user experience and can be run on a wide variety of devices. Since there is no client application to maintain and deploy, overall investments are a fraction of the native applications.