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STRATOS - OpenSource Test Consulting / STRATOS - OpenSource Testing Methodology and Roadmap / OpenSource Test Automation Framework
Enterprises leverage our (STRATOS) services to Save Costs, Efforts and Delays in Software Testing. Our Client gain more Confidence in Product Releases

Trigent STRATOS OpenSource Test Services

Structured Agile Testing with OpenSource Solutions (STRATOS) from Trigent can help you save costs, effort and delays in software testing and have more confidence in product releases.

Today enterprises face challenges in testing and QA for their applications. Many organizations spend huge amounts in license fees for test tools, but still continue to face delays in application/product releases. The good news is, OpenSource tools are available for testing. However many enterprises have not yet adopted OpenSource in QA & Testing as they still have questions. Will they get support for testing critical applications? Will their product or application be robust enough? Is it fully tested or not? Further, many enterprises rely only on manual testing and automation is always on their to-do list.

Many enterprises now use Agile Methodologies in development. Traditional testing processes no longer fit in. How does testing and QA adapt itself to the rapid and shorter cycle times of Agile Methodologies? How can test cases be made early into the development cycle when functionality is not yet documented?

Trigent's STRATOS service offers solutions and methodologies adopting OpenSource tools, Agile Methodologies and Test Automation frameworks that address these questions squarely. Our methodology is tested, proven and shows results within weeks.


Why use SRATOS services?

Enterprises use our STRATOS Test Services to: