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Cloud computing is transforming the development and delivery of technology solutions, creating seamless communities of users, developers, and enterprises. By optimizing cloud technology, enterprises experience increased agility, shortened timelines, and reduced costs – while supporting hyper-scalability.

At Trigent, we help organizations to maximize returns from the digital transformation, by building impactful and disruptive cloud, mobile, and IoT solutions. While cloud adoption has increased many folds, organizations still have a strong reliance on in-house, legacy applications – especially for their unique needs. Having been in the business for over two decades, we understand legacy infrastructure and applications and this puts us in an advantageous position to modernize legacy applications through the cloud, SaaS, and micro-services building blocks.

While developing applications that bring innovation at scale to the market, we use DevOps methodology, tools, and process to design, test and deploy new product releases faster than ever.

How Trigent Can Help?

Our expert consultants with deep experiences and industry certifications can help organizations navigate opportunities and challenges in the cloud. Whether it is a public or a hybrid cloud deployment, we provide end-to-end services starting from roadmap planning, cost estimation, gap analysis, and recommendations to ongoing support for maintenance and platform upgrades.

Cloud Services

Cloud Strategy & Consulting

We map out a strategy of on-prem, cloud or hybrid model, to ensure that IT infrastructure utilization is maximized, processes are virtualized and time to market is accelerated.

Roadmap - With a highly structured approach to business requirements, keeping in mind technology infrastructure, we create a detailed roadmap to deploy appropriate cloud solutions.

Assessment – We perform a detailed assessment with documentation of business and IT drivers to determine readiness for cloud adoption.

Models for migration – We then determine assets which are suitable for cloud migration and identify pertinent cloud services.


In the new world, enterprises expect improved speed and quality of software delivery with constant visibility during the development cycle along with reducing operational risks. There is the need for development and operations to be bridged by following a lean, integrated, predictive and automated process. DevOps is a culture and mindset for collaborating between developers and operations – that is supported by automation, tools, and processes.

Trigent's DevOps solution accelerates the software delivery process by providing a comprehensive Continuous Delivery environment. It leverages your existing ALM tool investments, uses industry best practices and provides real-time dashboards. It offers a self-service mechanism for Dev - Test provisioning either in cloud or hybrid environment. Click here to view our DevOps process...

Cloud Native Application Architecture

Stable industries are being disrupted by businesses with software at their core that have speed of innovation, always-available services, Web scale and mobile-centric user experiences, enabled by cloud-native application architectures.

Focusing on agility, performance, elasticity and information security, our cloud-native application architects combine the unique aspects of cloud platforms with the principles of DevOps and Continuous Delivery to ensure rapid development, deployment and application management.

Managed Cloud Operations to ensure 24/7 Business Continuity

We manage the health, performance and security of any chosen cloud service ensuring reduced upfront investment and predictable on-going IT costs. From setup to configuration and with active monitoring we ensure that cost and performance are optimized. We promise business agility by leveraging cloud features and operations automation, along with proactive, predictive and reactive service assurance and end-to-end security. This essentially means that you reduce exposure to expensive mistakes while ensuring flexibility during business evolution.

Modernize and Migrate Legacy Applications

Legacy applications are critical to the unique needs of many organizations. In some cases, these applications may not be moved to public cloud due to regulatory compliance. If the best option then is to leave the applications on premises, Trigent's engineers after evaluation will build an SOA / web service that allows mash-ups and integrations that permit access from new mobile and/or cloud applications.

For applications that can be modernized, we create a strategy for modernization, such as "lift-and-shift", complete re-architecture or anything in between. By establishing a phase-wise project plan, reinforced with industry best practices and structured processes, the migration will be well planned, executed and supported.

IOT Solutions

Internet of Things means different things to different businesses. However, the fact is, the IoT ecosystem is now so fragmented that it requires clients to work with multiple players. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of services and assets and by following industry leading standards, and creating secure solutions from flexible architectures, we empower clients to maximize benefits from digital technologies.

Product Engineering in Cloud

Our architects and developers assess technology transformation needs, to enhance user experience, reduce operational costs and target new business opportunities. Following the product engineering lifecycle in the cloud, our services include consulting, engineering and managing in a secure environment.

Platforms & Tools


Trigent helps organizations to realize the full potential of the AWS cloud without worrying about the onboarding process. Our AWS Cloud Center of Excellence, cutting across all service lines, with trained and certified resources, offers the entire portfolio of AWS services. We help clients to move enterprise workloads including mainframe and enterprise resource planning to the AWS cloud. With access to the latest tools and AWS technology, we enable transition from legacy IT to a modern cloud-based platform.


By leveraging the experience drawn from several successful Azure Infrastructure deployments, we simplify the process of moving and thriving in the cloud. Our cloud experts backed by automation frameworks, audited processes and industry best practices will help you maximize the benefits of Microsoft Azure. We build resilient Azure infrastructure, to rapidly deploy or migrate your infrastructure to Microsoft Azure with minimal downtime and risk.


Build Ant, Maven, Grunt, Gradle, Make, MSBuild, Cmake
Testing Selenium, Cucumber, Jasmine, Jmeter, Junit
CI Jenkins, TeamCity, Visual Studio, CodeShip, Bamboo
Deployment CodeDeploy, Otto, SmartFrog, RapidDeploy
SCM SubVersion, Git, GitHub, BitBucket
Collaboration TFS, Trello, Jira, Slack
Release Mgmt Docker, Nomad