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Leverage our Cloud Competencies

Scale as you grow - Reduce CAPEX by 60%!

Most companies are at cost crossroads when it comes to deciding whether to invest on costly licenses or subscribe to the Cloud. While, Cloud computing is the new reality, the demand for technology professionals who understand cloud computing, outstrips current availability. Without this knowledge, enterprises worry about security and several other related concerns.

How Trigent Can Help?

Leverage our Cloud Incubation Center and certified Cloud Specialists

At Trigent, we invest heavily on building cloud skills by providing our 50+ team structured, industry standard and certified training courses. Once certified, our employees keeps their skills up-to-date by building point solutions and proof-of-concepts with a goal of providing unique competitive advantage to our customers. As knowledge sharers, our core team, counsels trainees, in our "Cloud incubation center". This ensures constant availability of resources for you and zero waiting time for project launches.

Scale as you grow - Reduce CAPEX by 60%!

Capital expenditure in the form of infrastructure and related maintenance costs can be prohibitive, reducing and delaying returns on investments.

Our on-demand cloud offerings have consistently helped customers experience over sixty percent of reduced CAPEX through structured implementation and consulting.

Realize success and cloud experience through targeted migrations

Taking the leap onto the cloud can be intimidating and that is why we suggest that you migrate non-critical applications to start with. You will immediately realize savings from freed up infrastructure and maintenance costs. This cost saving, combined with the fact that you are working with a reliable and stable partner will pave the way for comprehensive cloud adoption, going forward.

Remain Secure with our Security Measures

There are a number of security risks associated with cloud computing including loss of governance, ambiguity, compliance, data vulnerability, malicious behavior and service unavailability.

We, at Trigent, understand the importance of security in the cloud environment and ensure that all these concerns are addressed at the outset itself.

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