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Liferay Services

We help organizations design, develop and deploy enterprise class Java applications at reduced costs while still ensuring greater speed, security and reliability.

Trigent helps customers to develop and deploy Liferay solutions enabling them to leverage the power of real-time information and collaboration to gain numerous organizational and business benefits. Our Liferay experts, ensures that your Liferay solution enables you to streamline operations, enhance partner and supplier relations, build social communities, and help improve customer loyalty by enabling self-service capabilities.

Trigent Liferay Practice

In our Liferay Center of Excellence (Liferay CoE) we have created a sandbox for prototypes, testing best practices, useful portlets, and design ideas that ultimately help us bring the best solutions for our customers.


During this 5 week intensive engagement, Trigent's Liferay experts will deliver a fully configured, custom Liferay portal branded with your company's UI, logo and colors.

This will help your organization to:

Quick Start Implementation includes:

Portal Development

Trigent has developed Best Practices for Implementation of Liferay portal in enterprises. This includes a phase wise implementation beginning with one department and replication across the enterprise.

We help you to:


Trigent can help you migrate from other portal solutions like WebSphere, Weblogic and Oracle portal server to commercially viable Liferay portal solution.

We help you to:

Portlet Development

Trigent can help you in designing and developing custom portlets.

We help you to:

Real Time Analytics