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Tools, Technologies and Frameworks

We help organizations design, develop and deploy enterprise class Java applications at reduced costs while still ensuring greater speed, security and reliability.

Trigent leverages commercial, open source and homegrown tools and frameworks to build highly scalable and maintainable applications.

Our expertise includes:

Presentation Frameworks JSP, Angular JS, Knockout JS, jQuery, DOJO, HTML 5, CSS3, Bootstrap
MVC Frameworks Spring, Struts, GWT, Smart GWT
Application Servers IBM WebSphere, Tomcat, JBoss, Oracle GlassFish, WebLogic
Persistence Frameworks Hibernate, iBatis, JPA, Hadoop, JDO
Memory Frameworks EHCache, Terracotta
Messaging Servers IBM WebSphere MQ, Apache ActiveMQ, HornetQ, CometD
CMS & Portals OFBiz Liferay
SOA and Integration Open ESB, SOAP, RESTful web services, Axis, jBPM, Java Messaging Services, Apache Camel
Databases MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, HSQL SB, Mongo DB, Couch DB
Reporting, ETL, BI, Bigdata Jasper Reports, BIRT, Pentaho, Talend, Open Reports
SW Engineering Tools Eclipse IDE, ANT, Maven, Cruise Control, Jenkins CI, CVS, SVN, Git, JUnit, Selenium, Grinder, jMeter, Sonar, PMD


IBM WebSphere

Trigent has expertise on IBM WebSphere technologies developing scalable, secure enterprise-class applications on various WebSphere products helping companies leverage technology to deliver against specific business challenges.

Trigent expertise in the IBM WebSphere product offerings include:


Trigent uses Terracotta products to build scalable, high available and high performing enterprise applications. Trigent judiciously uses BigMemory, Enterprise Ehcache, Quartz Scheduler, and Distributed Shared Objects (DSO) from Terracotta's technology stack.

Trigent has provided the solution to its clients using Terracotta Distributed Shared Objects (DSO) - an advanced distributed-computing technology, meeting the special clustering requirements.

Application architecture using DSO is shown below:

Terracotta Distributed Shared Objects

The applications are deployed in a cluster environment. The Terracotta DSO runs on a separate server. Application utilizes Terracotta DSO services to cache objects from the database. The DSOs are cluster aware and data will be replicated across all the cluster members at real time. Terracotta handle transactions and maintains data consistency.

Apache OFBiz

Trigent has built scalable, feature-rich e-commerce solutions customized for online businesses using Apache Open For Business (OFBiz). Using OFBiz, Trigent can help build applications providing these features:

Trigent Proprietary Tools and Frameworks


Coradigm is Trigent's technology for automating the software development cycle. Coradigm shifts the focus of the software development process to the definition of business requirements, tying application code directly to requirement specifications. Using requirements specified in XML, Coradigm generates 100 percent of an application's code, eliminating the majority of manual coding in an application's development phase.

Using Coradigm technology, Trigent can create software solutions far more rapidly and cost effectively. You can leverage Coradigm to:

Automatic Build & Test Framework for Enterprise Java Applications

Trigent follows an automatic build & test process for enterprise Java applications. The whole process executes without manual intervention. This enables the projects to have ready to ship code that are 100% reviewed & tested at any given point of time. This process helps in continuous code integration resulting in reliable builds of any enterprise Java application.

Automatic Build & Test Framework for Enterprise Java Applications

This diagram depicts Trigent's automatic build process:

With "Continuous build, deploy and test"practice, Trigent can demonstrate substantial reduction in risk with respect to Java application development.

Code is integrated continuously and bugs are discovered earlier on instead of waiting till the last minute. Regression test suites are enhanced leading to reliable application resulting in timely delivery.

Below are the tools used in the automatic build process:

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