Client Testimonials

Trigent's quality coding nearly eliminates crashes, helping boost customer retention to an all-time high. Their managers adhere to strict guidelines to ensure top-notch deliverables and ease logistical concerns. They're adaptable, seamlessly integrating new developers or features as requested. Our overall experience with them, from low-level developers to senior managers, has been excellent. Read full review...

Josef Winkler - Founder & CEO, WheresTheBus LLC
Quaker Special Risk Insurance

The Trigent team's organized approach to project management and driven work ethic has led to a lasting partnership. Trigent met each challenge I threw their way. Read full review...

Adam Macek - Business Analyst, Quaker Special Risk Insurance

Trigent is efficient and does high-quality work. The end users like the new app, which is sleek and easy to use. The entire team is communicative and responsive, making them a reliable and trustworthy partner. They've been engaged throughout the entire project and are the best third-party partner I've ever worked with. Read full review...

Andreas Tyart - Project Manager, Laufer Group International
Laufer Group International

We've been working with Trigent ever since 2001, building, maintaining, and improving the bill of materials system. Trigent rewrote the existing program and developed an algorithm and custom inventory system and over the years continues to provide, unsurpassed quality and support. They are receptive and foster a proactive, problem-solving partnership. Read full review...

Tom Gidley - Process Information Officer, Navistar

Our application was initially built using the .NET Silverlight platform. Trigent developed the application aimed at what we call "managed research". Prior to having this application, everything was done in Excel, and producing just one of these books would take days. The same operations now take us 2-3 hours, and is a significant success.

The SharePoint project was the first extranet that we'd ever built for clients. It gave us a way for loading documents, either generic ones, for certain client types, or specific to one client and their plans. We implemented the appropriate permissions around this and had an easy way of uploading and maintaining documents, as well as letting clients maintain their own access going forward.

We initially started working together four or five years ago and over the years, we have maintained a relationship for ongoing application support with Trigent, which we renew every six months, taking into account expected work volume." Read full review...

Erin Thomas - IT Manager, NEPC

Trigent developed a SharePoint tool meant to manage custom health and safety plans for designated environmental waste clean-up sites. Scalability was a critical focus of the project. The initial rollout has been successful and has led to insights on future enhancements. The system is easy to use. Trigent was responsive and communicative. Read full review...

Manager, Corporate Health & Safety - Geotechnical Environmental Engineering Firm

I've been impressed with the professionalism Trigent's leadership team brings to the table. Customer service is especially noteworthy. Pricing is extremely competitive for the level of quality delivered. With regard to the project, Trigent supplies on-demand dev resources for all technical projects and assigned engineers now regularly develop/implement new features into an existing website. Read full review...

Director of IT - International Affairs Agency

Trigent migrated data from Microsoft Windows SharePoint 3.0 to SharePoint Foundation 2010 before finalizing the transfer to a licensed SharePoint 2013 version. I deal with a ton of vendors and, compared to them, Trigent is excellent. Key differentiators include responsiveness and a clear willingness to accommodate scope changes when project circumstances demand it. Read full review...

Network Administrator - Regional Credit Union

I would put Trigent in the top one or two percent of all software companies I've worked with for support, overall responsiveness and quality of work! Trigent developed our complex inventory platform to help accurately track over 15 million issued catalogs per week. The application allowed us to view actual costs and profits across each job by collecting data on each area of the process -- from layout to paper costs. It also automated data input, reducing manual tasks from a day and a half to 45 minutes. We are extremely satisfied, and have to add that Trigent always delivered on time and within budget. Read full review...

Michael Martell - Systems Manager, Dingley
Dingley Press

Trigent's team was flexible enough to work with our own established business practices. They develop a Windows-based legal services applications for desktops on an ongoing basis. Flexibility with changing requirements and a hands-on approach to brainstorming is their differentiator. Read full review...

Chief Information Officer - Legal Services Firm

Trigent assisted us with software application development and various other projects due to limited in-house resources. We are very happy with Trigent's performance. Trigent consistently took responsibility for each project and owned it from design to deployment. We especially appreciate Trigent's communication and quick response to technical issues. I have worked with many offshore developers in the past and working with Trigent has been wonderful. Read full review...

Project Manager - Background Check Company

We're a widely-dispersed company, operating nationwide. Our staff is divided into small pockets of people in each state, so communication can become difficult. SharePoint has been an ideal tool for us and we wouldn't be able to take advantage of it without the support of Trigent. We've used it since its implementation and it has proven to be a wonderful thing. We are able to communicate across the country and share documents much easier.

Because we represent our clients transparently, we become embedded into their teams. Through SharePoint, we're able to have a client email address which we can use as our own company email. It opened up a backdoor between two worlds, allowing them to work together while also being separate.

To summarise, SharePoint has been an ideal tool for us and we wouldn't be able to take advantage of it without the support of Trigent. Read full review...

Vice President, Controller - US-based Financial Services Firm

They were very hands-on, very accepting of guiding us and providing their expertise where we lacked the knowledge. They were also very responsive to our questions and project changes. We never felt left out of the loop.

Web Administrator - Wiley College
Wiley College
PG Calc

They were very conscientious about ensuring both the architectural and operational security of the application, along with its operating environment.

Larry Kerstein - Director of Marketing

Branson's global sales force was looking for a way to share knowledge on existing uses of our products/technologies in customer applications in order to win new business. Branson engaged Trigent to conduct a global discovery exercise to design a solution that would meet Branson's stated objectives. Trigent consultants designed a portal solution built on the SharePoint platform that our sales and solutions consultants could use to collaborate and leverage for making better solutions and proposals to clients and prospects.

Trigent's structured methodology, cost structure and proven experience with SharePoint were the leading factors in selecting Trigent as the vendor of choice for Branson.

Chris Burnell - VP, Global Information Systems

eLaw believes in delivering working software frequently and adopted a development methodology which would now be considered agile development. The challenges of agile development with an outsourced development team are extreme due to the requirements of open lines of communications and the need for self motivated individuals. Trigent provided the individuals and the environment for us to continue with agile development. Trigent worked with us to set up the development teams in a manner that worked best with our process. I would recommend Trigent to anyone who wants to outsource their software development but want to control the process.

Vic Kanwar - CIO

The use of the AO API built by the Trigent team has seamlessly integrated our Ultracart online store with Articulate Online, where automated account provisioning takes place for our web-based training courses. The AO team contributed significantly, assisting our team with timely and accurate technical support. The success of our online store integration with Articulate helps support our goal to deliver a rich self-service online environment for a large and growing Jaspersoft developer community.

Tom Vu - Manager of Web and Systems

We selected Trigent because of their experience with development of web applications, execution of mission-critical projects and the professionalism exhibited by their team. One of the key things Trigent delivered was the upgrade of our PO Transmission software. It's absolutely been running like a charm and it transmitted every single one of our orders last year, plus this year so far. We used to have to baby sit this process during busy times like over the holidays and now we watch it, but we don't worry about it.

Co-Founder -

Trigent has done a terrific job adding Web 2.0 capabilities to THINKstrategies' corporate website and blog, as well as our SaaS and Managed Services Showplace sites. The company's project team was very knowledgeable, professional and easy to work with during the upgrade process. The company's combination of technical skills and project management capabilities represent very attractive attributes for software vendors seeking help with their Web 2.0 and SaaS initiatives.

Jeffrey M. Kaplan - Managing Director
Data Guard Systems

Trigent's highly competent development team managed to deliver our software projects within our aggressive time-frame and budget. We would recommend them to anyone who is looking for outsourced software development.

Timothy Maliyil - President

When my company began it's search for a software development vendor last year, we had clear expectations in mind. As a young company, we needed a vendor to be flexible, reasonable in fees and pricing, but, most importantly, a vendor who we would know, intuitively, would truly care about our success. The road for any young start up is perilous and not having a team committed to your vision and ready to go that extra mile is really the difference between success and failure. We interviewed quite a few companies and narrowed down the search to three firms. The choice of Trigent was easy – the 'no brainer' for us - as they gave us the time to listen and understand who we are and what we had worked so hard to create not just submit proposals. The end result – Valguard has launched our SentryBLue CIM technology in record time never missing a development milestone or time-line.

George Deren - Chief Executive Officer
ValGuard, Inc.
ebiz Industries

I was apprehensive about whom to trust when searching for a developer. After looking in Russia, China, the US and South America, Trigent stood head and shoulder above the others. They immediately digested our information, set up an appointment to meet our team face to face and provide references.

I immediately felt comfortable that Trigent was a talented and ethical company that I could trust. Their diligence never faltered throughout the project as we completed each phase of development.

It was important to me that the Trigent team was excited about the work they were doing for ebiz. Their high level of enthusiasm and commitment resulted in a completed product that exceeded my expectation in function, time, and budget. If you were ever concerned about outsourcing, Trigent will put your mind at ease.

Dan Lawton - Founder

The level of professionalism, responsiveness and ease of operation associated with Trigent has greatly improved our efficiency at Web Prospects. I have tried other data mining services, but Trigent has provided the highest quality of data by far. I would recommend them to other companies seeking data mining services.

Bill A. Williams - Founder

Trigent's research team has been a key strategic component of my company's success. Prior to choosing Trigent, I researched a number of other providers that could not offer the same quality, reliability and cost-effectiveness. I also value Trigent for the ability to adapt with my needs, expanding their team as necessary without compromising the quality of their research. I also appreciate that Trigent is an established and reputable company, so I can trust that my research is not shared with others.

Web 2.0 Company with 400,000 monthly users

Due to our poor experience in the past, we were very cautious in selecting a consulting firm to award the project to re-develop our website. After two highly successful projects, Trigent Software has proven to be an excellent choice of a commercial website developer. We are very pleased and proud of our new website and extremely grateful to Trigent Software for finally, "making it happen!

Trigent Software has clearly demonstrated that they are a hard-working group of highly qualified and conscientious professionals who are dedicated to providing the highest quality deliverable for their clients. In short - they not only delivered what we wanted but also, the way we wanted it! I would highly recommend Trigent Software to other companies wishing to develop or enhance their commercial websites.

Joseph A. Pompeo - Founder & President, Pompeo & Associates