SMB IT Investment Insights Drive SMB Revenue Growth and Efficiencies from Intelligent IT Cost Reductions

Southborough, MA

Trigent Software focuses on SMB Investment Insights that drive revenue growth and efficiencies from intelligent IT cost reductions.

Trigent Software, Inc. announces its SMB Investment Insights focus to fuel revenue grow and provide competitive advantage to businesses and senior executives.

In the current business climate, SMBs have to manage flat-to-decreasing IT budgets. Consequently, companies have to closely examine their IT cost structure and harvest excess expenditures in areas like software licensing and maintenance and convert fixed costs and infrastructure to variable costs. These companies are using these savings to drive revenue growth by investing in areas such as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Integrated CRM suites, Unified Communications, Collaboration, Business Intelligence and Mobility.

The investment insights, based on research from leading independent firm TNS, also found a marked shift for SMBs to partner with outside firms to fill gaps in IT personnel, skills and technology due to cost reductions. "Customers are examining and implementing SaaS, CRM suites, Collaboration, Business Intelligence, Mobility, and Unified Communications to drive increased revenue growth and improved efficiency. What was also particularly striking is the number of SMB companies who are looking at SaaS as a viable – if not preferable – option to traditional on-premise licensed software applications," according to Errol James, President of Trigent Software.

Companies can go to Trigent Software's website (www.trigent.com) to download the Investment Insights and can contact us at 1-877-387-4436 or info@trigent.comto discuss how to grow revenue through intelligent IT cost reductions.

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Nagendra Rao
Vice President – Sales and Marketing
Trigent Software, Inc.