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Redefining the Concept of 'Connected Factory' for Manufacturing Companies

Summary : A recent report by KPMG confirms that over 60 percent of companies' researched indicate growth as a high priority in the next two years. According to the survey, manufacturers plan to make significant and often fundamental changes to their business in order to drive future growth and they see technology as an enabler. Eight-in-ten respondents also said that they would enter into new sectors to achieve growth with manufacturers making significant investments into new businesses, models and technologies that help them expand their footprint into new sectors.

If growth is then the governing factor and technology a key enabler, it is important for manufacturers to prepare for a data-driven factory, where all internal and external activities are connected. This whitepaper delves into why manufacturers need to think beyond supply chain and product life cycles to a seamless connected world where customers, operators, designers, suppliers and resellers collaborate and communicate to achieve a common goal of productivity.

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