Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)

Crafting innovative ways to improve ROI for REITs.

The real estate market is a booming component in global financial business and REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts) occupy a prominent position. Efficient business applications are critical for REIT managers to make the right investment decisions. But, finding the right mix of systems to improve performance, internal business processes and ROI has become a daunting task.

At Trigent, we understand the unique needs of Equity & Mortgage REITs, and offer the perfect combination of technical expertise, deep domain understanding and hands-on experience to successfully deliver impactful solutions to meet those needs. Our Enterprise ADM services help implementing new systems or upgrading existing ones, developing comprehensive (ERP) solutions, to enhance REIT capabilities.

Trigent has expertise on the following REIT software applications:

Equity REIT
  • Property Management & Accounting
  • Lease Management
  • Facilities Management
  • Tenant Services
  • Business Intelligence
Mortgage REIT (mREIT)
  • Portfolio Management
  • Trading
  • Risk Management
  • Report Trading
  • Business Intelligence

The significant use of technology and IoT enabled smart buildings are increasing the availability of unconventional and real-time demographic and unstructured data. Analytics play a vital role in helping our clients put data-driven insights at the centre of their business. Faster, more reliable data generated by these analytics supports better decisions on numerous issues. Unlocking this accurate data enables REITs managers to react more quickly to market changes and investment opportunities.

Trigent's business intelligence (BI) analytics provide enhanced, real-time data analysis and reporting, alternatively, by developing a custom data warehouse and dashboards. Leverage our data science and analytics technologies to obtain powerful insights to drive better and seamless customer experience across channels and reduce operating expenses.

Trigent's Advantages for REITs

  • Smarter collaboration between Property Managers, Tenants, Facility Managers, etc.
  • Digital workflow and document management
  • Reduced cost and increased operational efficiency
  • Mobile applications for facility management, asset tracking, utility and energy management