Retail Banking

Transforming the customer journey through a unique convergence of rich omni-channel user experience, actionable, insightful data and underlying IT platforms.

Retail banking customers are changing. They prefer doing everything remotely, both transactions and advice/purchases, make greater use of multiple digital channels.

In order to stay relevant, retain existing customers and attract new customers, retail banks should:

  • Provide omni-channel service
  • Using cloud services to accelerate transformation of core banking systems
  • Data-driven sales in all channels

At Trigent, we focus on customers unique needs, and offer innovative solutions that are accessible from anywhere, anytime. We make retail banking truly customer-centric.

Trigent's Mobility services creates compelling experience across all channels to reduce costs, improve efficiency and increase customer loyalty. We provide a comprehensive suite of services including mobile strategy consulting, mobile application development and testing, mobile management and channel integration.

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Trigent's Advantages for Retail Banking

  • Reduces operational costs
  • Manages risk and regulatory compliance more effectively
  • Enhances service quality
  • Optimizes the customer experience