Wealth Management

Reshaping the business of wealth management through cloud, analytics and mobility.

Today, financial industry faces a multitude of challenges in wealth management market including:

  • More sophisticated clients with greater needs
  • Increased number of products offered
  • Increasing product complexity
  • Pressure to cross-sell
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Competition

In order to meet these key challenges, these firms are adopting strategies to enhance competitive advantage and retain market share by focusing on technology for delivering client experience, reducing operational cost through process excellence and outsourcing strategy.

Digital technologies such as cloud, mobile, analytics fundamentally shape client value propositions. The digitization of the wealth management provides opportunities to create revenue uplift and lower the cost-to-serve by means of digitally-enabled client relationships, increased front-office productivity and operational excellence.

At Trigent, we leverage our rich experience in wealth management to provide services in areas of business strategy, process re-engineering, compliance and risk evaluation, platform support and business process outsourcing. With our cloud development offerings we provide wealth managers the opportunity to reduce infrastructure costs and increase agility and time-to-market.

Through our advanced analytics, wealth managers can improve insight generation and decision-making by infusing data into all aspects of revenue generation, cost control and risk mitigation.

For wealth managers, mobile technologies offer new ways to interact with clients and deliver advice. Read more about our mobile-first development strategies and how they help increase productivity of client advisors and front-office staff through mobile access to enterprise applications.

Trigent's Advantages for Wealth Management

  • Improve profitability
  • Improve organizational efficiency and increase margins
  • Reduction in process cycle times
  • Boost customer engagement and retention