Healthcare ISVs

More than 10 years experience in Healthcare Product Development

Trigent's Solutions for Healthcare ISVs

Healthcare and Life Sciences ISVs are challenged by the expanding e-Health initiatives, competing products and applications, and new standards for security and compliance. Trigent provides product development, maintenance and testing services for Healthcare ISVs to help them bring high quality, competitive products to the market faster. Specific experience includes:

  • E-learning, simulation and LMS
  • Care and disease management BI, analytics and reporting
  • Security and compliance - SSO, CCOW, and EDI (HL7, HIPAA, EDIFACT, X.12)
  • Web services, APIs and integration (e.g. with EHR and PCHR systems)
  • Testing - testing for compliance, security, performance and integration

Trigent services include Product Lifecycle Management from Discovery to Deployment, Launch and Maintenance.

Medical Device Manufacturers

Trigent provides the following services for medical device manufacturers

  • Product functional testing and certification
  • Product load and performance testing
  • PC based device interface software for users
  • APIs and interfaces to EHR, PCHR and other networks

Services are designed to make devices reach the market faster, enhance quality and reduce field failures.