Healthcare Providers

Hassle free Patient care with more than 15 years of Domain Expertise

Hospitals, Clinics, E-health businesses and Wellness Service Providers are constantly looking for solutions that can enhance patient care, reduce complexity of IT, help doctors collaborate better and get better visibility into daily operations. They are also looking to integrate easily with Public Health Record and EHR systems.

Trigent's Solutions for Healthcare Providers

Trigent’s services include

  • Building intranets for collaboration
  • Integrate disparate applications - SSO, CCOW, and EDI (HL7, HIPAA, EDIFACT, X.12)
  • Web based applications for data exchange with other providers like clinics, hospitals and regulatory agencies (like EHR, PCHR, patient care management systems)
  • Building web based patient care systems including
    • EMR workflow management
    • web based clinical information management systems
    • mobile applications for physicians
    • workflow management for doctors
    • reporting and dashboard applications