Manufacturing Analytics

Our Analytics helps you make better decisions based on departmental KPIs. Our clients get better insights on Sales, Quality, Production, Inventory Costs and Compliance.

With valuable data and too much data scattered around many applications and databases, manufacturers often find it difficult to gain useful insights to business questions. Our Manufacturing Analytics solutions will help you answer business questions around Sales, Quality, Production, Inventory Costs and Compliance. We help you answer questions such as "Which product line is more profitable in terms of lower inventory costs", "Which customers' orders are more expensive to fulfill on the shopfloor" or "Which product has improved in quality metrics last year with lower investment in production costs" etc.

Trigent's Manufacturing BI Analytics Services

Data is cleansed and mapped into cubes and stored in a Data Warehouse from which we use BI and Analytics tools to build useful dashboards for decision making. If some departments prefer to use spreadsheets we help them integrate into the Analytics frameworks. Decision making at department level and corporate level is made easy using flexible and customizable dashboards and reporting solutions.

Our BI consultants are proficient in both Open Source and Microsoft BI toolsets. For more information visit our BI solutions