Microsoft SharePoint Accelerators

SharePoint Accelerator helps you make fast decisions. We can help you glean meaningful insights from disparate data in a single platform.

Manufacturers often realize that though ERP, CRM and CAD/CAM systems deliver value, information still lies in silos in departments, functions and processes. This makes it extremely difficult for executives to make quick decisions without the right information on their desktops. They sign into multiple systems, prepare their own databases and Excel spreadsheets to find the nuggets of data required for decision making and to collaborate with others in the process.

Microsoft SharePoint is fast becoming the default platform that glues data from disparate systems together for real-time decision making using both structured organizational work/process flows and unstructured collaboration and communication that is typical of efficient organizations. Trigent helps manufacturers bring data together on desktops for executives and managers using Microsoft SharePoint.

SharePoint Industrywide Accelerators

SharePoint BI Accelerator

We have custom built and architected SharePoint BI Accelerators for manufacturers using our expertise in SharePoint BI, Performance Point, Visio and Excel Services. Our BI Accelerator will help you glue data from your ERP, CRM, PLM and other data intensive applications. In one customizable dashboard you can get drill down reports on critical parameters such as sales, production, inventory, quality, HR and other metrics. Call us for a demo.

SharePoint Quality Accelerator

Metrics on manufacturing quality is usually scattered across ERP systems, shop floor MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems), and hundreds of Excel sheets maintained by individual departments. Often reasons for bad quality metrics can be attributed to data points that come from very different systems that do not integrate with each other, such as ERP, WMS and MES. These metrics can however be brought together on desktops using SharePoint. Our QA Accelerator dashboard will help you get the most important QA metrics on a single dashboard so that it is easy to improve quality on an ongoing basis without much effort and dependence on worksheets and reports from individual departments.

SharePoint Supply Chain Accelerators

When ERP systems, CRM, PLM and custom systems are implemented, there is always a gap in information exchange between systems. Legacy applications often exist in parallel. Data still exists in silos within different departments. Obtaining an overall high level view of data becomes difficult. Sometimes data is also different in different systems and getting "a single version of truth"is often challenging for supply chain elements like vendor and warehouse inventory, parts lying across manufacturing plants, parts and sub-assembly inventory. We build SharePoint portals that integrate such data and accelerate your supply chain.

Vendor / Partner portals using Microsoft SharePoint technology- Our portals enable self-service, reporting, RFQ and bid management workflows, surveys, feedback and compliance. They enable deep supply chain visibility at desktop level to employees using Single Sign On. Our warehouse visibility portal can help you reduce warehouse inventory, and optimize your supply chain.

Shopfloor, Production Operations portals using Microsoft SharePoint technology - Using SharePoint we help shop floor and production staff have relevant access to controlled information on their fingertips. This could be supply chain information, quality information on recent jobs or KPIs and metrics. Wikis also help them share information and videos on shop floor tools, processes and methods.

SharePoint Compliance Accelerator

We harness SharePoint to help you accelerate your Governance, Reporting and Compliance (GRC) capability. With Compliance and Reporting becoming more complex every day, you need systems that collate data from compliance reporting from different applications in one location and help you generate customizable reports easily without much programming effort.

Our SharePoint Compliance Accelerator dashboard helps you substantially reduce the effort involved in GRC.

SharePoint CRM Accelerator

Customer Portals using Microsoft SharePoint technology - Integrated with CRM (Dynamics CRM or, our SharePoint portal can help you track customer interaction globally on a single page. You can simultaneously access customer data, customer revenue, interactions with globally located sales teams, previous orders, fulfillment, complaints and issues, contribution to margins, along with current information from the internet and public news sources. The portal helps increase customer revenue footprint and helps build close customer relationships. Call us for a demo.

SharePoint HR and Training Accelerators

We build HR workflows and Training Management Systems using SharePoint. We help you eliminate manual paperwork in HR processes, such as recruitment, workforce management, timekeeping and reporting. Our Training Management SharePoint accelerator helps you substantially reduce training scheduling and management costs, ensure compliance to training requirements and eliminates manual effort in tracking training needs of employees. We also help you manage different training content efficiently and cost effectively using SharePoint, such as videos, CBT etc. Call us for a demo.

SharePoint Marketing Accelerators

Proposals and bid management is complex for several discrete manufacturers. Our SharePoint Marketing Accelerator helps you find a single version of truth of a Product slideshow or a sample contract document for sales people to access across the globe. Parts and components keep changing. We help your sales people find the right drawing, cost, contribution and price for various bid elements in one place, reducing the risk and the effort in bid management. Our Marketing Accelerator also helps in collaboration for preparation of marketing collateral/content across departments and geographical locations.