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Product Research & Engineering Preparedness Partnership (PREPP)

Trigent's PREPP services help startups overcome limits in covering the first mile of their journey to their investment/funding milestone.

The 1st Mile – the very first phase of a startup business is full of challenges. For today's entrepreneurs creating a product or service offering is the first step. While money can't solve all the problems, it can solve some of them. However, only a small percentage of startups looking for money get funded in normal times. Startups have to go through considerable preparation including market research, analysis and proof of concept demonstration in order increase the probability of getting funded.

PREPP is Product Research and Engineering Preparedness Partnership. The 1st Mile component are:

Trigent's Product Research and Engineering Preparedness Partnership (PREPP)

Trigent's PREPP is a 1st Mile Solution for Startups and squarely addresses these needs and improves their chance of being funded, increases the value of their venture and provides a strategic, long term partner for growth and success of the venture.

Trigent, as a trusted development partner is prepared to invest a part of the services fee and to demonstrate its commitment and share the challenges of the startup company. As such this ownership is designed as show of faith and support in our clients' business and is not mandatory for Trigent to provide these services. See "When will Trigent invest in your Startup? and other FAQs" for further details.