Transportation & logistics

Transportation & logistics

Modernize your Supply Chain with easy-to-implement Innovations and proven RoI

Targeted solutions to improve CX, automate routine processes and facilitate seamless exchange of data are easy to implement, have faster RoI and provide significant competitive advantage.

Transportation & Logistics Innovations that everyone can deploy

Innovations in Autonomous Vehicles, Robots in Warehouses, Drones for last mile delivery and switch to Sustainability are expected to disrupt the Industry. These capital intensive solutions require specialized skills and continue to evolve. Meanwhile, many elements of the supply chain can be modernized without requiring significant effort or investment that provide regional and boutique solution providers with a competitive advantage.

Multichannel Logistics Customer Experience (CX) across Web and Mobile, Intelligent Process Automation for error free, 24x7 order processing and seamless exchange of data facilitated by standard open APIs are a few examples of how businesses can enhance efficiency, respond faster to market changes and provide a better experience for their customers.

Trigent’s MERIT framework for Supply Chain modernization

Using Trigent’s MERIT framework for supply chain modernization, businesses can transform their supply chain operations in a phased manner with Customer Experience as the core focus. The framework developed based on our experience in working with companies across the value chain, delivers visible impact to the brand, rapid RoI and value to the customer.

Overcome your transportation & logistics challenges with custom-made solutions

Multichannel CX

Multichannel CX

Customers now expect real time updates on the status of their shipments, regardless of the different modes of transportation involved enroute to its destination. Trigent’s Multichannel CX enables companies to offer responsive Web Applications with complementary Mobile Apps that provide shippers with the latest info on the go.

The Multichannel CX Applications leverages current web and cloud tech to create a modern front-end experience. Data from multiple backend systems, including legacy platforms, is accessed via secure APIs and rendered via an integrated view. Trigent provides companies with an option to protect their current investments and still address customer expectations.

Enhanced Integration

Enhanced Integration

Logistics providers require a versatile and extensible framework that supports both EDI and API integration alternatives. EDI automates the processing of bulk data by allowing transfer of business documents such as purchase orders, invoices, ASNs and more. EDI standards allow for rapid onboarding while ensuring regulatory compliance. APIs are flexible and ideal for real time data exchange. To account for the absence of standards, APIs need to be designed and properly implemented to meet the business need and comply with regulations.

With 60+ Carrier integrations, Trigent enables companies to onboard partners faster, ensure seamless information flow across different entities that in turn provides for real time shipment visibility and enhanced Multichannel CX.

Realtime Data from IoT & Connected Devices

Realtime Data from IoT & Connected Devices

A variety of IoT devices are being used to track movement of trucks, optimize fleet use, protect freight and improve driver safety. To gain meaningful insights, providers need to collate data from devices sourced from multiple vendors, process unstructured or proprietary data and make the information available in real time. Availability of accurate and timely information provides vital competitive advantage.

Trigent enables logistics providers to securely access data from multi-vendor IoT devices in realtime and create custom dashboard Applications or configure commercial off the shelf IoT Management products for their specific needs.

Intelligent Process Automation

Intelligent Process Automation

Automate routine tasks and processes with software robots (or bots). IPA (or RPA) are particularly effective in operations involving large amounts of data such as monitoring and bidding on B2B portals, order processing, tracking of shipments with carriers and shippers, Internal and vendor reports (e.g. ELD, HOS, CSA) and routine form filings for regulatory compliance (e.g. e-DVIR).

Accelerate your RPA adoption by taking advantage of ready-to-use 30+ software bots, specifically relevant to the Logistics and Supply Chain domain. These bots can be configured or customized to suit the TMS and Enterprise Applications being used.



Having the right Transportation Management System (TMS) to manage inbound and outbound logistics is vital for Customer Success. With existing TMS solutions, providing a differentiated experience is a challenge. Integrating your Custom AI-powered Applications with a Cloud TMS is a win-win proposition. The Cloud TMS provides the standard features required while the AI Application allows you to offer unique value to your customers.

Trigent’s 3rd Wave AI powers predictive and prescriptive solutions. Leverage the power of AI in Dynamic Pricing to maximize yield or in Intelligent Fleet Maintenance to maximize utilization. AI enabled Natural Language Processing (NLP) solutions automates processing of freight documentation to monitor anomalies, classify documents and verify regulatory compliance.

Trigent Solutions

MultiChannel CX for Shippers

Build a responsive Web and Mobile digital experience wrapper around your current core system connected via an extensible API framework. Provide real time shipment updates across all modes of carriage. Transform the Core system functionality progressively, resulting in lower cost of ownership, improved RoI and minimized risk.

Mobile Apps for Driver safety and efficiency

Deploy custom mobile applications that run on standard tablets or adapted to run on the dash consoles of the truck to assist and incentivise drivers. Provide optimized route plans, info on fastest routes based on road conditions, advanced driver assist systems (ADAS) and onboard video telematics that reward safe driving. Maximize driver earnings and minimize liability.

Custom Crowdsourced Delivery Solution Application

Aggregate modes of transport from multiple fleet operators and independent owner-drivers to service last mile logistics at scale (Asset lite operations model). Automate distribution of orders to different providers based on type of load, location to be serviced, urgency and cost. Be able to switch mode of transport or fleet provider in case of unexpected delays.

RPA for Quotations, Order Processing & Tracking

Select from a library of 30+ ready-to-use bots that automate typical processes like order routing, read documents and replicate data into a database, process invoices into the accounting system, validate and correct free-form data entry into websites, verify proof of delivery and uploads document to legacy ERP systems.

AI-enabled Dynamic Pricing TMS Module

Add differentiation to your TMS System with Artificial Intelligence based extensions. Options include simple solutions like Route Optimization, Predictive Maintenance, Demand Forecasting to more complex alternatives like Dynamic pricing that factors in load, type of transport, capacity utilization, etc. to maximize yield and Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology to extract unstructured data from documents and flag anomalies in invoices, auto-classify documents, or verify regulatory compliance.

IoT / Connected Device Integration

Connect your moving assets with Internet of Things (IoT), protect freight during transit, optimize fleet use, improve driver safety, maintain vehicle performance, keep your fleet moving and improve visibility of hazardous or perishable goods at all times during a shipment. Deploy onboard cameras to secure cargo, improve driver performance and more. Ensure reliable data connection from onboard devices, leverage Trigent’s extensible API’s to fetch and process unstructured data and plug security vulnerabilities with 3rd party IoT devices.

SAS Platform Customization & Implementation for IoT Data

As a preferred partner, Trigent helps businesses deploy SAS Solutions such as IoT Analytics for Transportation, Asset Performance Analytics and others. Process high volume data with a sensor-based data model, streamlined and extensible ETL, an integrated business-focused data selection interface, and high frequency data visualizations.

EDI Services

We offer cloud-based, fully managed 24x7 EDI services that span onboarding, connectivity with partners, flow configuration, translation, mapping, compliance reporting and incident resolution. Our EDI Integration services comply with ANSI X12 standards. We use secure and encrypted communication protocols - Applicability Statement 2 (AS2), EDI Value Added Network (VAN), and others for onboarding trading partners, and data transactions.

Rapid Carrier/Shipper Onboarding

Get connected with 60+ carriers and 3PL’s using Trigent’s extensible API and EDI interface framework. Accelerate time to market, serve new customers and scale your service.

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