Transportation & logistics

Transportation & logistics

Empower customers with end to end supply chain visibility

Comprehensive fleet visibility, optimised service utilization, seamless integration and reduced freight costs with Cloud-based solutions from Trigent

Fueling the transportation and logistics industry with digital transformation

The global pandemic has made supply chains more critical than ever, with immense pressure to perform. Companies are striving to take on the demand with digital transformation while staying effective, efficient, and profitable. Today, customers look for end-to-end visibility and transparency in transportation and logistics more than ever. Digital logistics adoption addresses the changing customer preferences, supply shortages, and rising transportation costs that have kept logistics managers up at night. Even as the pandemic recedes, companies are more likely to continue digital transformation at an accelerated pace.

According to McKinsey’s new survey, the pandemic has accelerated the adoption of digital technologies in customer and supply chain interactions by several years. As per reports, logistics businesses that use integrated supply chains are 20% more efficient than those without digital integration. Connected logistics leverages the power of disruptive technologies such as IoT, Computer Vision, and AI to transform the supply chain with real-time monitoring, preventive maintenance, driver safety, increased fuel efficiency, and proactive container operations.

Driving growth with digital logistics


annual increase in cloud adoption


decrease in overall logistics costs


increase in customer service efficiency

Delivering flawless customer experience with connected logistics

Customer experience is at the heart of everything that we do at Trigent. Our clientele includes leading software providers, fleet operators & freight forwarders, and third-party logistics providers. We help our customers increase their market value and visibility with seamless integration of the latest technology solutions. Our solutions help you cater to diverse loads requirements, optimize routing, market best rates, gather real-time location data, weather forecast & utilization of space, among others.

Overcome your transportation & logistics challenges with custom-made solutions

Automate your operations with Cloud-based TMS

Automate your operations with Cloud-based TMS

Cost, effort, and time often burden logistics companies while modernizing their existing systems into something more digital and “connected.” However, adapting to supply chain disruptions is necessary to stay on top of business and be so difficult anymore.

With the advanced Cloud-based TMS solutions from Trigent, we help you manage all facets of your transportation operations with ease.

  • Add features to existing systems without expensive rewrites
  • Quick integration with carriers and other systems
  • Driver scorecard applications to indicate driver behavior and safety
  • Enhanced user experience across devices/platforms
  • Scale for growth and maintain with ease
Invest in real-time data with IoT and RFID

Invest in real-time data with IoT and RFID

The evolution of IoT (Internet-of-Things) in the transportation space has grown to be a huge success. Integrations with disruptive technologies such as RFID enhance overall supply chain optimization and visibility. It enables real-time tracking of tagged objects and helps create a system of connected devices that continuously transmit data about their location, condition, amount, etc.

At Trigent, we help our clients combine the reach of our network with powerful trade intelligence for greater operational efficiency.

  • Integrate with IoT and RFID quickly and easily
  • Manage global shipping, languages, and currencies
  • Increase asset availability and utilization
  • Improve visibility along the supply chain
  • Address cold chain inefficiencies with IoT
Drive revenue with analytics

Drive revenue with analytics

Analytics is an essential tool a company has today to gain customer insights. While in the past, businesses focused on harvesting descriptive data about their customers and products, now they’re more focused on pulling both predictive and prescriptive learnings from the information they gather.

At Trigent, we help businesses create value and build operational efficiencies through data-driven insights.

  • Offers prescriptive analytics for best options
  • Drive loyalty and retention through BI & Analytics
  • Beat competition on shipping options and prices
  • Rules Engine-based decisions for higher revenues
Hassle-free integrations with Third-party logistics (3PLs)

Hassle-free integrations with Third-party logistics (3PLs)

With digital technology advancement, sophisticated algorithms provide superior adaptability enabling easy integrations with third-party logistics. The intuitive software platforms help find minimal-cost delivery routes and optimize services.

We work to keep you focussed on growing your business as we take away the burden of managing your freight. The advanced logistics solutions at Trigent help provide error-free and frictionless data transfer integrations through EDI/API.

  • Streamline core business operations
  • Improve real-time supply
  • Optimize loads and routes
  • Provide supply chain visibility
  • Reduce costs and complexity
Simplify compliance with Federal Mandates

Simplify compliance with Federal Mandates

The ELD mandate has been rattling up the logistics industry since drivers officially replaced their paper logs for ELDs (Electronic Logging Devices). While the mandate caused some initial confusion for carriers, it provided them the opportunity to improve efficiency and safety.

As the ELD mandate supply chains get more innovative, the carrier capacity could be reduced. This could cause a spike in shipping rates. At Trigent, we help you eliminate these challenges and manage the mandates with a well in place strategy.

  • Electronic Logging Device (ELD) strategy
  • Hours of Service (HOS)
  • Compliance, Safety & Accountability (CSA)
  • Electronic Driver Vehicle Inspection Report (e-DVIR)

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