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Fueling the Future of Transportation and Logistics Industry

Customers expect to get shipments faster, more flexible, and with more transparency at a lower price. The need to add new product capabilities, build seamless integration with service providers, also satisfy customer demands requires new thinking.

We understand and deliver data-and technology-led transformation in all areas of operations for transportation and logistics providers. By digitizing operations and embedding analytics in every process, our experts help business leaders drive revenue growth and optimize operations, resulting in deeper customer relationships and increased profitability.


  • Reducing transportation cost control
  • Business process improvement
  • Driver shortage and retention
  • Security
  • Commoditization of carrier pricing
  • Increasing regulations

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Our focus areas


TMS software providers

TMS software providers need to offer new features and capabilities faster to be competitive, win more customers and retain their business. Your application needs to include functions like batch shipment orders, manage inbound and outbound logistics, real time transportation tracking, vehicle load and route optimization. Whether your needs include improving the basic flow of your dispatch operations, freight billing, driver settlements, rating, or EDI, Trigent can help.


Fleet management companies

We help fleet management companies build software systems that optimize loads, improve asset utilization, increase asset availability and keep track of maintenance and repair requirements through the purchase to retirement cycle. We also help develop next-gen intelligent, feature-rich applications - interconnected telematics systems, electronic logging devices (ELD), automatic onboard recording devices (AOBRDs). Also, comply with Hours of Service(HoS), periodic inspections and other regulations through ELD mandate.


Asset Tracking
Fleet Management Software
Logistics Analytics
Routing, Mobile & Telematics
Inventory Management
Supply Chain Optimization
Blockchain for Logistics


  • Improve efficiency, asset utilization and operational costs.
  • Manage drivers for scheduling, compliance and safety; and to reduce costs.
  • Provide timely information throughout the supply chain.
  • Streamline carrier onboarding and compliance.
  • Integrating fleet data into existing software systems.
  • Providing real-time driver monitoring – exact HoS and driver behavior.
  • Enabling route optimization, planning, geo-fencing, and geo-tagging of vehicles.

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