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About SwifTest

Holistic on-demand testing services delivering high-quality for digital enterprises.

Trigent's SwifTest is a pay-as-you-go software testing service, a cost-effective, low-risk approach for businesses to secure better and accelerated testing performance.

With SwifTest you gain instant access to our best-in-class testing services anywhere, any time. Our highly skilled and experienced team provides you services, in days - if not in hours, with minimal capital outlay. Shifting from CapEx to OpEx model, you can reduce time to market of new products by 30%.

SwifTest performs end to end testing of all aspects of your web, mobile or cloud applications - functional, performance, usability, browser compatibility, etc. Our service is offered on inclusive environments of mobile devices, operating systems, and browsers - to help you validate your product faster than traditional outsourced testing service. SwifTest includes skilled QA engineers, tools, testing scripts, frameworks, and infrastructure. You pay only for the time that you engage our services-as little as a day (8 hours)/a week/or a month.


Provides on-demand testing to help make quality assurance affordable. With SwifTest you gain detailed, quality insights in 48 hours.

Reduced time to market

Start your QA in a day, optimize test cycles and reduce time-to-market of new products by 30%. Well orchestrated provisioning of the test environment and test execution compresses QA time.

Cost Efficient

Simple usage-based pricing combined with pre-packaged tools & processes, and cloud-based delivery provides the best return on your investment.

Comprehensive and Flexible

Flexible resourcing and pay-per-use pricing reduce testing costs by over 50%. Fast provisioning of QA team reduces ramp-up time to days.

Reduced Technology Debt

Trigent owns and manages cloud-based testing environment, platforms, tools and other assets. This reduces your tech-debt and increases QA efficiency with a testing-as-a-service model.

How It Works

Testing made simple for you.

  • Sign Up

    Briefly state your project details and testing requirements. Submit your requirements.

  • Effort Estimation

    We will analyze your unique needs and suggest an ideal team. Our all-inclusive, hourly rate has no hidden fee.

  • Project Kick-off & Execution

    On the project kick-off call, you'll meet your assigned QA team. They will discuss the test execution and reporting process.

  • Test Results Delivered

    Daily bug reports, recommendations, observations along with status reports will be delivered to you through our web portal.

Run SwifTest to catch quality issues faster.

Why Us

Our QA & Testing services with flexible staffing options is focused on quality and productivity improvements through automation and cost reduction.

Our service is not a one-and-done engagement. We deliver sustained value across the spectrum of testing types through a pay-as-you-go contractual model. Whether to meet critical time-to-market deadlines or to address cyclical/seasonal demands, our customers have been highly successful in reaching their goals through SwifTest.

  • Structured testing, matured test processes & methodologies.
  • A wide array of testing framework, accelerators, and assets.
  • Proven delivery capabilities from hundreds of global engagements.
  • Testing lab for a variety of PCs, Mac, tablet devices, and Smartphones with combinations of OSs, versions, etc.

Trigent Software, Inc.

We are an Offshore Software Development company with facilities in the United States and India with global clientele.

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