New Product Development Testing

Partners with Borland, Managed Testing Partner for Fortune companies

It is important to have a long term product strategy that can survive any macro economic market condition. Keeping your products defect free and high on Quality can help you stay afloat in any market situation with a trusted brand recall.

For a software product company, it is difficult to find a tradeoff between quality and cost. On one hand investing on a dedicated testing team might marginally increase the cost of the product, on other hand any occurrences of defect post-release may cut straight into sales and reputation. It is advisable to seek support from an independent testing company who can give you optimal service at fraction of the cost. Our offshore set up in India is designed to offer flexible engagement for new product development testing.

Trigent draws upon 19+ years of experience in Product development and maintenance services. We have leveraged this experience to better anticipate potential pitfalls, new innovators or new product development companies may face. Our innovative methods and approach has helped Fortune 100 companies across U.S to maintain their products or for helping in new product development testing at bare minimum cost. Besides, our offshore resource base has a pool of internationally certified Test engineers, state-of-the-art test labs, test automation frameworks and mature practices to help clients surpass any economic turmoil.

New Product Development Testing across Growth Phases

For Product Introduction

  • Model based testing
  • Agile software product testing methodology
  • COE Support

For Product Maintenance

  • Data Migration
  • Compatibility testing
  • Configuration testing

For Product Growth

  • Hybrid Driven automation
  • Localized and Customized testing
  • Performance testing
  • Upgradation testing
  • Installation testing

Why choose Trigent's Services?

  • Speed time to market with our Test Accelerators
  • Over 100+ Product Developed and Tested
  • State-of-the Art Test Lab especially for New Product Development Testing
  • Partners with Leading Test Automation vendors like Borland
  • Test Automation to reduce 80% of manual task
  • Localized and Global Testing Capabilities
  • Reduce pre-emptive Costs by 50%
  • 24X7 Support with certified specialists
  • On-Demand Team Optimization