3PL unlocks the full potential of Big Data by implementing Responsible Testing

The client is a 20+ year old asset-based third-party logistics provider (3PL) of both brokerage & freight management and asset-based services of dry van, refrigerated, and dedicated/private fleets.

The client used several off the shelf systems to help run their business. As the systems collected large volumes of transactional data, collating it and extracting meaningful insights was challenging. Due to data silos, stakeholders received multiple out-of-sync and unverified data, creating inaccurate insights. This led to unreliable data on key parameters across different aspects of the revenue cycle. The client needed a QA & Testing partner who had an in-depth understanding of Big data and BI services.

Trigent Solution

Assessed the 8 primary applications and key data sources

  • On-premises systems (McLeod TMS Systems, McLeod Imaging ShoreTel VoIP)
  • Third party cloud systems (BlueGrace, SalesForce, EFS, PeopleNet) and
  • Flat File (Budget Data)

Designed and developed a BI system that had:

  • A source system for data extraction. Implemented the Extract, Transform, and Load process (ETL) to help in loading the Flat Files to the data mart server.
  • A scalable and versatile data mart layer, which is used as a 'Single Source of Truth/ Data' to accommodate all modifications.
  • BI Server, a repository for all reports and dashboards, where users can view and access reports via browser or mobile apps.

The QA team performed end-to-end system & integration testing, analyzed and created multiple test data sets - vital to big data testing. Data quality verification was done across all stages of BI application. With our Responsible testing approach, the team validated the data feed, ensured accurate report generation, that rendered across operating systems(OS), browsers, and devices. With an iterative continuous testing strategy, we:

Achieved reduction in data acquisition errors resulting in a shorter test cycleReduced test creation time, resulting in faster release cycles by 75%Identified and exposed defects earlierImproved data quality within a shorter time