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The client is one of the largest Managing General Agents (MGA) in the US, an intermediary between an insured and the insurance company. Their expertise involves crafting unique insurance coverage based on special risk assessments and the specific coverage needs of their clients. They had a desktop application to help underwriters and policy typists capture agent inquiries for policy coverages and insurance details, track renewals, and bind the policy.

The Business Need

The in-house desktop application was over 16 years old and was unable to accommodate the changing business requirements. To be future-ready, the organization wanted to rewrite the legacy application with the latest technologies to improve their CX and empower customers. To manage change with current users, they required the new UI to offer similar screens, albeit using web functionality.

End-of-life (VB6) client-server technology - no longer supported by Microsoft
Siloed applications, integration challenges, enhancement and maintenance limitations
Limited reporting capability
Desktop application lacking web support
Testing & deployment issues and delays

The Trigent Solution

Trigent’s experience in the insurance domain, understanding of the client’s business model, and expertise in application modernization equipped us to effectively deliver the enhanced application within a few months. The modern web application has an intuitive user dashboard with improved usability features that enable instant quote generation. The migration to a web application aided geographically distributed teams to collaborate and leverage application functionality. Existing application screens minimized the training requirements for the in-house team.

The new application automated the risk assessment, computed the quote for the coverage, and applied statutory charges as applicable, making it easy for the Sales team to quickly respond to custom policy requests. The new Endorsement screen in the application helped incorporate bound transactions where an item could be added or removed from an existing policy. This change would be instantly reflected in the premium.

The application also supported custom report development, empowering end-users. Around 25 reports were added to track the business based on the markets and agents. These reports could be easily exported to Excel and Word formats, improving the ease of use. The application supported the generation of quote letters with Aceoffix integration. The integration of Outlook enabled sending emails from within the application.

Our journey with the Client
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  • Client benefits:
    • Easy extension of new business functions and integration capabilities
    • Around 25 new reports to empower end-users
    • Eliminated deployment challenges
    • Automation of several tasks improved performance efficiency by 40%
    • Improved CX and instant quote generation save time by 40%
  • Technology Stack
    Technology stack:
    .NET angular .NET Entity Framework MS SQL bootstrap Azure