SaaS-based trucking intelligence company accelerates its release cycles with 360 degree testing

360-degree testing saas-based trucking company
Trigent's dependability and reliability are second to none, making them trustworthy partners in the trucking business. The most impressive thing about Trigent is that when something does go wrong, they get on it right away and get it fixed. We value our relationship with them.

About the client

This digitally transformed cloud-based trucking intelligence company provides solutions to help fleets improve utilization, safety, and compliance while reducing costs. The client's sophisticated product integrated Cloud technology, mobility, IoT, and data analytics for an Enterprise-class product that enables fleet managers to make smart decisions. It's integral in the operations of over 2,000 trucks, LTL, private, and energy service fleets in the United States and Canada, including several Fortune 500 companies.

Business need

Fleet managers depended on accurate capture and recording of real-time data for effective decision making.

Cloud-enabled real-time fleet management system

Data captured included real-time location, route plan and telenmatics such as tire pressure, fuel levels, speed, RPM, idle time, distance traveled besides monitoring of fault codes. Fleet Managers could also run remote diagnostics.

Eliminating any bugs across the different components of this product was vital to the safety of the driver and the truck. This required comprehensive end-to-end testing of all parts of the solution prior to releasing any feature enhancements or changes in the product capability.

Trigent solution – end-to-end testing

To match the clients' specific product testing requirements, Trigent developed a purpose-built test lab environment. The setup included:

  • A special harness designed for the onboard computer hardware
  • Simulators & interfaces for real-time data capture
  • All versions of the hardware/software currently in use by the fleet

Detailed scenarios were designed to test the rich functionality and usage patterns of the hardware. Trigent provided functional and regression testing of new releases for both the on-board device and web application. For each of the client's on-board product, Trigent provided end-to-end testing solutions ranging from Installation Testing, Functional Testing, Regression Testing, Disaster Recovery, and database testing on an ongoing basis.

Client benefits

Trigent's testing strategy allowed the client to:

  • Significantly accelerate their release cycles
  • Quickly respond to market needs with new features, custom changes, patch updates and more
  • Undertake rigorous end-to-end testing including hardware, that is otherwise time-consuming and financially unviable
  • Expand the scope to cover preemptive tests for onboard hardware integration

Trigent's QA solution & services for the client enabled the safety of the drivers and the fleet, while businesses are able to utilize the insights for efficient operations.

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  • Industry

    Transportation & Logistics

  • Technology Stack
    Business value:
    • Reduced detection cost by performing pre-emptive tests like integrations testing
    • Defect leakage to production reduced to 5%
    • Shortened functional release cycles
  • Technology Stack
    Technology stack:
    • Apache Tomcat
    • MySQL
    • Apache Http Server

    3rd party tools:

    • PCMiler software
    • Pro iTools Track and Trace