Intelligent Automation of pricing operations enables 3PL to grow revenue by 40%

Automating pricing operations enables 3PL to grow revenue by 40%
I wholeheartedly endorse working with Trigent Software. The solution they built sets us apart from the majority of our competitors in efficiency and speed. It is fast, easily scalable, and can easily onboard new customers in no time. Throughout the project, the team was knowledgeable, organized, and reliable, using their expertise to deliver a successful solution.

About the client

Surge Transportation is a third-party logistics provider that focuses on domestic full-truckload, van, and refrigerated transportation. The company specializes in providing Fortune 500 shippers with high loads during peak season, promotions, events, overflow, gaps, and spikes. Surge Transportation partners with customers by filling gaps in their routing guide while also delivering value to carriers by offering flexible credit and payment terms, consistent business, and complete transparency.

Business challenge

Surge Transportation acts as a link between the shippers and the carriers/fleet operators. They help large shippers with excess carrier capacity at short notice. The company had an existing system to track, monitor, and assign loads. However, the quotation, pricing, and shipment scheduling operations were not automated.

The manual approach to pricing, quotations, and execution of shipments involved agents relying on calls, emails, and paper trails. These processes had a high turnaround time which affected the company’s ability to capitalize on the available business opportunities and revenue. Also, with the increase in customers, Surge Transportation had to scale its human resources linearly, which affected its bottom line. Onboarding new customers also increased the variables involved in pricing, making it increasingly arduous to handle in a manual system.

Being a forward-thinking company, Surge Transportation strategized the need to reimagine its core business operations to enable agility, speed, accuracy, and efficiency. Thus it decided to deploy an automated pricing application. To achieve this and streamline its operations, the company needed a competitive system that would instantly compute the price for a load accurately. Additionally, for an enhanced user experience (UX), they wanted an API interface to automate information exchange with carrier/freight clients, thus improving their overall customer experience.

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Trigent solution

Through multiple interactions, Trigent engaged with Surge Transportation to identify its existing challenges. The first course of action was to implement a system that eliminated latency and reduced the turnaround time for quotes generation. An automated pricing application was developed with a user-friendly interface.

The new solution enabled it to place quotes instantly and handle all complexities of the pricing mechanism with accuracy. This digital transformation helped in easy onboarding and integration of new clients. Intelligent automation enhanced productivity and ensured better resource utilization.

The advanced Cloud Application solution, custom-designed by Trigent, addressed the core needs of the logistics organization. The solution:

  • Reduced turnaround time for quotes. Through the automated quote generation, agents could compute the quote in less than a second
  • Enabled agents to book 40% additional revenue as a result of faster response times
  • Enabled 100% accuracy in pricing calculation factoring in 12+ variables, which increased profits by 25%
  • Improved agility and scalability to process and handle 4000 more loads every day
  • Helped log orders instantly with Carrier partner integrations, resulting in a transparent customer experience

Adopting the right approach, coupled with the advanced Cloud, microservices, and API architecture, allowed Trigent to create a comprehensive framework for Surge Transportation to drive seamless integration with the new customer systems. Intelligent automation infused speed, agility, efficiency, and accuracy to the company’s existing system, driving revenue and profit margins.

Client benefits

The logistics industry is experiencing a surge in demand due to the rise of e-commerce and globalized supply chains. As such, load tendering processes have become increasingly complex. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Intelligent Automation are providing a valuable solution to this problem by streamlining the process with automated workflows that can quickly analyze data, learn from past experiences, and make decisions quickly. RPA and Intelligent Automation are allowing for faster turnaround times in load tendering processes as well as improved accuracy and cost efficiency. In addition, these technologies are providing transparency into the process itself so that stakeholders have better visibility into their operations. This is leading to even greater efficiency gains in the logistics industry.

Intelligent automation has innovated the way Surge Transportation handles its business today. By migrating from its manual practices leveraging the automated pricing application, the organization was able to:

  • Reduce turn-around time to less than a second
  • Increase revenue by 40%
  • Improve profit by 25%
  • Process 4000 more loads per day
  • Decrease load processing time by 91%
  • Ensure smoother and faster onboarding of new customers
  • Log orders instantly with seamless carrier integration


  • Industry

    Transportation & Logistics

  • Business Value

    Automation has evolved from streamlining repetitive manual tasks to completing processes from end to end instantly, enhancing productivity and accuracy. Surge Transportation banked on Trigent's experience and expertise to automate its complex and discrete pricing mechanism.Trigent's bespoke solution, powered by RPA, delivered immediate results. In fact, the company witnessed an impressive 40% increase in revenue, 25% profit improvement and a 20% rise in customer base - all thanks to modernizing their Load Tendering process.

  • Technology Stack
    Technology stack:
    • Programming – Java, SpringBoot, Angular, Hibernate, REST & SOAP APIs, PC Miler APIs
    • Database – MySQL
    • Operating System – Centos on AWS Cloud
    • Web Server – Apache Tomcat
    • Build Integration – Maven
    • Repository – SVN
    • RPA Software – Power Automate Desktop