Cloud enabled video telematics solution for real-time vehicle tracking

Cloud enabled video telematics solution for real-time vehicle tracking
We approached Trigent with an idea. Trigent’s experienced engineers designed and developed a solution that preceded our expectations. The technologically superior solution has given us a clear edge over the competition and is recognized as a benchmark.

About the client

The client, an independent software vendor, provides SaaS-based solutions to organizations that want to keep track, monitor, and regulate their fleet. The camera-driven solutions use video telematics to enable real-time remote tracking and monitoring vehicles from a single screen. The organization provides an all-encompassing tracking and monitoring solution that includes software and hardware. The ISV offers a variety of camera options that can be fitted into the interior, exterior, side, or rear and can be enabled in a single installation.

Business challenge

Businesses invest a good amount of capital in the procurement and maintenance of their fleet. Managers are under a lot of stress maneuvering and staying up to date on the vehicles plying on the road. In many instances, it is a double whammy for managers who not only have to worry about the safety of their vehicle but also ensure no damage or harm is caused to the goods or people in transit. The client needed a cloud-enabled mobile application and web solution that could enable 24/7 remote and safe monitoring of the entire fleet which could help safeguard vehicles from any contingency.

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Trigent solution

Trigent’s engagement with the client developed through an initial phase of advisory services that laid out an end-to-end plan for a cloud-based fleet monitoring solution. The cloud-based solution would ensure high-quality video capture and render on the mobile or a computer screen and provide managers with a real-time view of the vehicles and the drivers.

Trigent’s more than two-decade experience in providing software solutions to the logistics industry enabled the development team to design a comprehensive solution that included:

  • Development of a web and multi-platform mobile application
  • Integrated Software as a Solution that provides flexibility to scale and round the clock availability
  • A robust secure remote monitoring system

The solution sought to address some of the pressing challenges such as:

  • Real time visual updates on the vehicle movement
  • Help keep an eye on the driver to avoid unruly or unsolicited behavior
  • Insight into breakdowns or accidents
  • Serves as proof for insurance claims

Client benefits

The client’s foresightedness to provide a technologically advanced and real-time monitoring solution for the vehicle or fleet management ensured:

  • Customized solution catering to businesses with vehicular assets
  • Better visibility into fleet operations
  • Timely and optimal utilization of services
  • Quick claim resolutions
  • Industry

    Transportation & Logistics

  • Business Value

    A cloud-enabled fleet monitoring system that safeguards the interests of the businesses operating a fleet by ensuring real-time monitoring of vehicles on and off duty.

  • Technology Stack
    Technology stack:
    • Programming – Java, Spring MVC, Spring Boot, Angular, Hibernate, Google Maps API
    • Database – MySQL & PostgreSQL
    • Operating Systems – Centos & MS Windows
    • Web Server – Apache Tomcat
    • Build Integration – Maven
    • Repository – SVN