Cybersecurity leader sets a new record. Automates 90% of test coverage for rapid releases to counter new threats

Cybersecurity leader sets a new record.
The speed at which they’re able to understand the product is impressive. Trigent Software delivers everything that’s asked of them each sprint. The team is excellent at getting up to speed with new technologies. They’re an organized team that gets the job done.

About the client

The Client is a leader in the cyber security of enterprise email and other cloud office applications. Using the power of Natural Language Understanding (NLU), the platform understands the context of communications and protects people and data from nearly every potential compromise. The client was featured in the 2019 Forbes AI 50 list and named a 2020 Gartner Cool Vendor in Cloud Office Security.

Business challenge

A rapid surge in remote work environments, an increase in cloud adaptability, targeted attacks, malware exploits, and innovative phishing attacks over email or other cloud office applications brought forth new challenges in the post-pandemic world. With cyber security as the aim, the client’s cutting-edge platform needed to respond quickly to any new threat or attack and secure data and systems, making agility and faster time-to-market the critical factors to success. The need to uphold their business reputation of being the best cloud-native security platform required them to test their product suite’s resilience as early in the development process as possible.

Ensure A Faster Time-to-Market With Trigent’s Automation Testing FrameworkFind Out More

Trigent solution

The Trigent team thoroughly assessed the application functionalities and business requirements to quickly identify a robust and reliable regression testing strategy that ensured maximum test coverage. Together with the platform stakeholders, the team devised an end-to-end test strategy to test all the email threats and vulnerabilities. After a comprehensive assessment of the latest software testing tools, the team designed a versatile automation testing framework encompassing Protractor, Cucumber, and BDD (Behavior Driven Development) elements and integration with mail systems such as Office 365, G Suite, Exchange. In addition, the test automation framework also supported the ability to execute tests across multiple OS and browsers.

Trigent’s test automation suite included:

Validation of different types of threats or vulnerabilities and applying the statutory policy actions
Enabling automatic deletion, quarantine, or labeling of emails based on preconfigured policies
Detecting malicious loss of super sensitive personal customer data
Preventing data exfiltration by detecting anomalous mail forwarding rules
Stopping business email compromise, spear phishing, executive impersonation
Ensure A Faster Time-to-Market With Trigent’s Automation Testing FrameworkFind Out More

Cybersecurity use cases

Client benefits

  • Achieved an Automation coverage of 90% that helped reduce regression defects
  • Reduced Test execution time by 80% with distributed and parallel execution strategy
  • Enabled faster execution of tests making future release decisions quicker

Tools and technologies

Tools and technologies

  • Technology Stack
    Technology stack:
    Protractor Jenkins Cucumber BDD TestRail JIRA BitBucket
  • Industry

    Cyber Security/ Security

  • Business Value

    Our Client in cybersecurity achieves 90% test coverage with Trigent’s test automation solution. We enabled the client’s technology team to achieve a critical business advantage as they could rapidly respond to new threats and vulnerabilities, thereby assuring their customers’ systems, data, and network security.