A leading Insurance Agent (MGA) achieves 75% test coverage with Test Automation

A leading Insurance Agent (MGA) achieves 75% test coverage with Test Automation
Trigent met each challenge that came across their way. With Automation testing, we benefited from accelerated product releases, seamless migration, and smoother function of the web application. We’re happy with the results we’ve seen so far.

About the client

The client is one of the largest Managing General Agents (MGA) in the US, an intermediary between an insured and the insurance company. Their expertise involves crafting unique insurance coverage based on special risk assessments and specific coverage needs of their clients. Their web application is used for complex calculations involving underwriting risks, claims and policy issuance, and generating reports for regulatory compliance.

Business challenge

Legacy VB6.0 server application needed to retire to welcome modern intranet web application with smoother navigation and enhanced features
Testing of high volumes of sensitive data needed to be migrated from desktop to web application
Each module contained high-level features with complex policy calculations that had to be handled carefully
The application is tightly coupled with multiple players-market, products, agents, contracts, inspectors, state tax and fee, terrorism, etc., and incorporated in a single screen – that demanded testing from each perspective
Feature changes and Regression Testing were needed – As the insurance policies were live, any small feature change had the risk of causing a major financial impact on the client and the end-consumer

Trigent Solution

Trigent’s experience in the insurance domain, understanding of the client’s business model, and expertise in QA processes equipped them in effectively migrating massive sensitive data with Test Automation. Data integrity was ensured at every stage of the transition. The web application and portal were developed using Angular.

  • Over 2000+ test cases across 60+ transaction screens were designed and executed resulting in maximum test coverage.
  • Cross-browser testing and compatibility testing analyzed the behavior of the website on Edge, Chrome, and Firefox.
  • Over 35% of the test cases are fully automated, with a roadmap to further automate up to 65%. At every stage, the team was careful not to disrupt the already existing modules.
  • Understanding the business flow was integral to testing. The web application is localized to comply with state and county regulations. Changes could affect state taxes and fees applied to each location.
  • The team ensured end-to-end testing of modules. Each module had complex dependencies and multiple validations that had to be reflected in the back-end as part of the monthly, quarterly, and yearly reports. As there were financial implications at every step, the QA team ensured high accuracy and security of data.
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  • Client benefits
    • Significant reduction in test cycle time – From 1 week to half-a-day
    • Improved test coverage by 75% with Test Automation
    • Accelerated release velocity as a result of expedited testing
    • Increased speed to market for new features by 50%
    • Reduction in Defect Escape Ratio (DER) to 0.3
    • Maintenance of data integrity throughout Regression Testing
    • Helped client to focus more on testing of newly developed features without worrying about repetitive regression testing of existing features
  • Technology Stack
    Technology stack:
    • Jasmine Protractor - Angular
    • Java
    • Selenium