Omnichannel software enhances self-ordering experience for grocery and supermarket customers

Trigent's team has an unusual mix of industry experience and technical expertise that has proved vital in successfully implementing and growing our business. Over the course of the project work, we have built a good working relationship with Trigent's team who always respond to our requirements in a timely and professional manner.

About the client

The company is a leading provider of omnichannel self-service solutions to a growing number of retailers in the Supermarket, Grocery, and Foodservice industries. They are leaders in the omnichannel system and provide hardware and software solution to thousands of stores across the USA to manage in-store ordering system at the fresh food departments such as deli, bakery, ready-to-go meals, etc. Their omnichannel solution consists of self-service kiosks, order-taking tablets, displays, printers and fully integrated queue management is designed specifically for grocery supermarkets.

The challenge

  • The customer's challenge was to develop software and user interface for various form factors for different kiosk sizes, add new features for each new store chain, and keep the software defect-free while making rapid updates and releases.
  • An added complication was the management and integration of various printer hardware sourced from leading vendors. Making feature enhancements to the software and testing for all these variations and integration points with the hardware was a constant challenge.
  • The software was mission critical to the smooth operation of store counters and could not fail at any point in time; failure meant revenue loss, long queues at the fresh food departments, and agitated customers.

Project objective

  • Trigent needed to build a robust software for the kiosks with simple interface and minimal touches for shoppers of varying demographics.
  • It had to integrate and work seamlessly with the printer hardware, ticket dispenser, and kiosk interface.
  • A key success factor for the grocery chains was the prediction of accurate wait times by the software so that queue management at the fresh food departments was smooth and uninterrupted during peak hours. This required intuitive functional testing of the software.
  • The opportunities to cross-sell and up-sell services had to also be enhanced.


  • Trigent worked with the client's business analysts and prepared user stories based on actual store experiences. This information was used to create the user interface for the application.
  • The overall architecture ensured that enhancements and changes could be done with ease, keeping maintenance costs low.
  • Enhanced features for increasing loyalty purchases, analytics, and audit trails were added for grocery managers to analyze purchases and increase revenues.
  • A common architecture was built for web applications, kiosks, mobile applications using cloud infrastructure.
  • An offshore lab was set up from the start of the project. Trigent's 4D (Discover, Design, Develop, Deploy) methodology reduced the risk for the client, as distinct deliverables were reviewed and validated at each stage.
  • Extensive usability testing was conducted to ensure that users of all demographic categories could use the application with ease.

Client benefits

  • The client could release its products within the committed time frame to a large grocery chain with 800 kiosks.
  • The offshore hardware and software test lab accelerated integration testing.
  • Since three major grocery chains used different versions of the kiosk software, extensive testing of the software installation and version updates were done through a rigorous testing process.
  • Thoughtful interface design, supplemented with formal usability design and testing ensured a great self-ordering experience.
  • Reliable and scalable software implementation ensured shoppers' orders are processed, fulfilled and delivered in a timely manner.
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  • Industry

    Retail & E-Commerce

  • Business Value
    Business value:
    • Software installation and version updates ensured smooth functioning across three major grocery chains using different versions of the kiosk software.
    • Thoughtful interface design and testing ensured a great self-ordering experience.
    • Reliable and scalable software implementation ensured shoppers’ orders are processed, fulfilled and delivered in a timely manner.