Process re-engineering results in significant savings for global conglomerate

Process re-engineering results in significant savings for global conglomerate
With Trigent's solution, our sales personnel collaborate effectively, operate at higher efficiency, and consistently meet business targets.

About the client

With operations across 63 countries and 120 offices, the client's business spans domestic and overseas trading and import/export of various products such as textile, machinery, metals, minerals, energy, chemicals, food, general products, and more.

Business challenge

  • The client followed a complex business process for approvals, spread across various functions. The manual form-based system involved multiple users, departments, roles, conditions and approval requirements which was compromising content integrity.
  • The predominantly paper-based process delayed business progress, hindered closures resulting in operational inefficiencies.
  • Version control and completion tracking were difficult leading to bottlenecks and delays.
  • Lack of document traceability was resulting in non-compliance issues.
  • The client wanted to eliminate the paper-based workflow and capture all applicable data using reliable software solution.
  • Client wanted to use the forms from PC browsers, tablet and mobile browsers on iOS and Android devices.
  • The client believed that this automation would reduce manual work, decrease operational costs and enhance organizational efficiency.


Trigent's engineers, based on their understanding of the requirement, and in collaboration with the client, created an end-to-end business process re-engineering solution following Trigent's 4D (Discover, Design, Develop and Deploy) methodology.

Hundreds of forms were segregated and categorized based on similarity of data fields and approval process. This categorized structure resulted in about ten workflows which could be replicated across various functions and requirements.

Trigent team suggested to implement a business process automation solution using a combination of Nintex Forms, Nintex Workflow, and SharePoint Online, part of Office 365 suite.

Trigent consultants built the custom workflow/forms solutions that met the unique business needs of the client. The solution also integrated well with the client's existing infrastructure and content stores.

  • HR workflows such as leave requests, exit permits, travel authorization, expense and overtime forms were electronically stored and transmitted across the approval chain, eliminating manual processes.
  • Regulatory and legal compliance requirements that involved physical form approvals was automated. The re-engineered workflow gathered either scanned documents or dynamically created data-driven, compliant documents. It also provided visibility into all stages of the workflow. Electronically approved documents were then tagged and stored in accordance with document retention policies.
  • Vendor registration and contract management processes that required over a hundred data fields to be filled in, depending on the contracts' size and complexity were re-engineered, with common fields populated. The search functionality was configured to search for forms, based on workflow status. The application sent email notifications to respective users through the workflow process to eliminate delays and bottlenecks.
  • The responsive forms would support tablet and mobile browsers for iOS and Android devices.

Client benefits

  • Permission controlled user access led to efficient document routing resulting in 52% faster responses.
  • Reminders, delegations, and controls put in place resulted in 30% better visibility and 40% higher productivity.
  • Complex review processes with the chaotic management of versions and untracked multiple reviewers gave way to a smarter review process increased operational efficiency.
  • Delayed approvals because of manual approvals compromised the client's operational efficiency. Using LazyApproval┬« system, workflows can be processed using simple English language, as an email response, even when mobile, and without SharePoint access.
  • Automated document generation and digital signatures ensured quick sign-offs increasing staff satisfaction considerably.
  • With Trigent's intervention, full audit trail, version control, and approval history ensured complete compliance.
  • Secure integration with data repositories resulted in 90% improved records management and publishing.

Overall the automated solution reduced IT burden, increased operational and business efficiencies.

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  • Business Value
    Business value:
    • Efficient document routing ensures 52% faster responses
    • Controls put in place results in 40% higher productivity
    • Faster sign-offs leads to increased staff satisfaction
  • Technology Stack
    Technology stack:
    • Platform: Office 365 SharePoint Online, Nintex Workflow Engine
    • Browser: IE 11, Latest Chrome on Windows
    • Mobile: iOX 10x, iPhone 6, iPad Air 3 on Safari Browser, Android 6x, Samsung Galaxy S Duos, Samsung Galaxy Tab on default Android Browser.