Robust application enhances business for leading trucking & logistics company

I would describe these folks as being very friendly. They personalized the service to match our needs which I think is really important. Also, Trigent continued to focus on making sure we were their priority for the duration of the project and ensure to do anything and everything to make us happy.

About the client

A leading investment company specializing in trucking and logistics, providing risk management, regulatory compliance, safety, information technology and financial services to a wide range of transportation and logistics entities. The client's members include independent and entrepreneurial truck and sales agents, fleet owners, affiliated carriers and dedicated broker carriers and the logistics functions provided are load scheduling based on rail road arrival times, driver assignment, maintaining exact pickup &drop off dates and so forth. The accounting services provided include customer billing, driver payment, general ledger and providing reports like 10Q.

Business need

  • As the business continued to grow, the client's legacy application staggered under the expanding data load, resulting in frequent downtime and errors. The internal IT team spent extended periods of time manually monitoring the system. In spite of the extra effort, user experience continued to suffer.
  • With information silos, many of the processes were repetitive in nature, resulting in labour intensive manual operations.
  • Digital content is a major component of the services provided by the client which was also affected by the application's legacy capabilities.
  • Information was scattered and difficult to retrieve slowing down processes and leading to delayed responses.

To summarize, the client wanted to enhance the existing application to make it robust, scalable and easily maintainable.


  • With a strong background in system integration and a futuristic approach to technology, Trigent transformed the existing web-based logistics and accounting solution, enhancing its digital capabilities.
  • As a first step in data manageability, Trigent's engineers rewrote the application code, converting it into clean, maintainable code, to empower users to search and retrieval easy and accurate.
  • By collaborating with third party vendors such as Tchek and Comdata, Trigent digitalized content and automated the process of receiving transactions from fuel card companies.

Client benefits

  • Trigent helped the client to transform user experience and retain its position as a leading service provider to transportation and logistics entities.
  • As a result of reduced errors and repetitive work, such as support of tickets from the trucking companies, the client could focus on retaining its leadership position in a highly competitive landscape.
  • The transformed application's enhanced scalability helped to add more customers in a seamless and transparent manner.
  • Process automation led to reduced errors from the employees thereby saving time and money.
  • The client's customers were happy as they could now view their status and reports in a faster and efficient manner resulting in transformed user experience.
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  • Industry

    Transportation & Logistics

  • Business Value
    Business value:
    • With reduced errors and repetitive work there was increased operational efficiency.
    • Enhanced scalability helped to add more customers in a seamless and transparent manner.
    • Process automation led to reduced errors from the employees thereby saving time and money.
  • Technology Stack
    Technology stack:
    • Apache Tomcat
    • MySQL
    • Apache Http Server
  • 3rd Party Tools
    3rd party tools:
    • PCMiler software
    • Pro iTools Track and Trace