Robotic Process Automation with Power BI improves operations’ visibility & performance on Microsoft Azure

RPA with Power BI improves operations’ visibility & performance on Azure
Trigent's Robotic Process Automation has completely transformed the way we manage our workflows. The entire process is faster and more robust than ever before, and our analysts have more time to dedicate to value-added tasks.

About the client

The client is a leading consultancy group that helps its customers capture data loops. Their current project involved capturing data loops for a dermatology healthcare provider with a network of over 100 dermatology clinics and dermatologists. Each offered a range of services in skincare and operated on individual platforms, software with no common standards in technology.

Business challenge

The network of clinics and dermatology centers used a variety of EHR solutions to track and manage their customer engagement and billing. Each clinic followed different standards of service codes, diagnosis IDs, and fields. Trigent’s preliminary goal was to integrate the complex and scattered data into a single format on a single platform for generating key reports. The solution would further equip the client to analyze day-to-day operations covering important KPIs to gauge each clinic’s performance.


  • Legacy software in local servers in SQL database
  • Inconsistent data flow
  • Each clinic used different applications - PMS, EHR, Nextech, EMA, AdvancedMD and many others
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Trigent Solution

Trigent's Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Analytics expertise played a pivotal role in detailing various automation and report generations. Our team drew up a detailed matrix for different solutions available at individual clinics and automated the data flow. The team created a data mart by orchestrating ETL Solution that would leverage various SQL databases from the existing solutions and use different reports to get desired outputs calculated. Trigent applied RPA Solutions and custom bespoke Automation to extract reports, translate them, and get the data prepared for further analysis.

Trigent architected the solution where bots extracted data from the clinics, formatted them for further processing for Power BI analysis. The team further implemented the process end-to-end by setting up Power BI, creating dashboards and reports for data visualization for their network of clinics.

  • Client benefits

    Trigent’s experience in Analytics with RPA was instrumental in delivering significant benefits to the client. Among them, the visibility of reports empowered C-level decision-makers to make strategic decisions and save costs.

    • Standardization and structuring data and variables covering important KPIs
    • Data storage was moved from on-premise to cloud for flexibility and scalability
    • Automation of 150+ actions for each clinic led to savings in time, resources, and costs
    • Visibility provided to C-level decision-makers, risk managers, and heads of several clinics in terms of timely reports generated based on recent data
    • Data visualization brought more scope for strategic decision making and cost optimization
    • The solution enabled automation of historical data
  • Technology Stack
    Technology stack:
    WinAutomation Power BI (Cloud) SharePoint Power Automate Azure Cloud: VMs, MS SQL