Sales performance enhanced for an international brewing leader

Sales performance enhanced for an international brewing leader
It is all about how our sales team can experience the technology. The objective of reinventing the existing sales portal was to make it friendly and easy to use. Trigent understood our needs without us having to get into too much detail and translated it into user-friendly technology. This is one of the reasons why we will continue to partner with Trigent in the future too.

About the client

The client is the number one brewer in Europe and one of the largest by volume in the world. They own over 165 breweries in more than 70 countries and have a workforce strength of nearly 75000 people. They produce 250 international, regional, local and specialty beers, ciders.

Business challenge

This multi-brand global client believed that deeper enterprise collaboration was vital to solving business challenges —the kind of problems associated with a complex global supply and distribution chain.

The client knew that its employees needed to connect and share information if their business goals had to be achieved. The client had therefore invested in several microsites, that served as regional sales portals.

One of the portals that served as the nuclear communication and collaboration hub for its largest sales region had become a technology hurdle. With aggressive growth targets and complex interactions across organizational boundaries, the sales team felt that the existing portal fell short. It was a hindrance to accessing information and providing superior service, to their customers. The client wanted the portal to offer easy access to information, and serve as the 'go-to' technology buddy for the sales team.

The portal was also not up-to-date with live communication tools, and as a result, documents were frequently emailed resulting in challenges with version control.

The portal's user interface, without attractive branding elements, was complicated, making it difficult for employees to use.


The client had worked with several vendors in the past, but most of them were not sure of delivering within the short time frame stipulated by them. Trigent with its strong SharePoint expertise was confident of exceeding expectations.

As a preliminary step, the team made it a top priority to identify the business value that the client aimed to realize from the project.

Trigent's engineers then planned and executed a detailed study of the client's existing portal, its architecture, and content. The team also collaborated with the sales, and IT teams to draw up a perfect workflow structure for a unified portal design with easy navigation and user interface.

Trigent team then installed Microsoft Center Configuration Manager, a Windows product that enables administrators to manage the deployment and security of devices and applications. After installation the team worked on compliance settings and role-based administration. Trigent then migrated content from legacy databases, websites, and applications to SharePoint Online.

The SharePoint portal had links to useful information, and served as a launch pad for many internal systems, encouraging employees to return to the portal throughout the day.

The new portal went live within the stipulated time frame and provided users with a platform for collaboration.

Client benefits

The portal now contributes significantly to the client's broader strategic goals. With the new SharePoint Online based portal, employees can share and manage content, knowledge and resources and collaborate cohesively across the organization to reach common goals.

The new SharePoint site interface presents a user-friendly page instead of a complicated collection of folders. Sales personnel now have what they need, find information much faster. Users are more self-reliant with the portal, both as consumers and providers of information.

Trigent's successful delivery of the first project has led to a long-term relationship with the client. Trigent has enhanced several regional sales sites and integrated them with the national team's portal. This single integrated portal has resulted in seamless collaboration and communication for the entire sales operations of this multinational company.

The integrated sales function SharePoint site has become integral to the business providing the management with a dashboard view of sales performance, targets achieved, and so forth.

The site's landing page highlights sales wins and success stories, leading to healthy competition among the sales personnel.

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  • Business Value
    Business value:
    • Single integrated portal leads to seamless collaboration and communication for the entire sales operations
    • Common business goals achieved by resource sharing and cohesive collaboration
    • The portal’s user-friendly interface leads to self-reliant users