Test Automation expedites features & fixes rollout by 4x for InsurTech giant

Test Automation expedites features & fixes rollout by 4x for InsurTech giant
The speed at which they’re able to understand the product is impressive. Trigent delivers everything that’s asked of them each sprint. The team is excellent at getting up to speed with new technologies. They’re an organized team that gets the job done.

About the client

The client is a cutting-edge InsurTech firm that provides the global insurance industry with a flexible, modern, enterprise-grade core system to deliver innovative products faster, reducing costs and improving CX. They have quickly grown to become a trusted partner to leading insurers in the U.S, enabling them to serve their policyholders better. Their solution integrates underwriting, rating, policy management, claims, billing, and reporting.


InsurTech is a rapidly growing sector, and the client's mission is to leverage innovative technology to set up the administration and maintenance of insurance products for simple and easy access. They were rolling out an enhanced version of the existing application that improved the ease of setup and reduced the time insurers spent setting up and administering policies & claims. The improved version provided an enhanced UI to handle the creation of policyholder IDs, policy quotes, policy issuance, and policy renewal with minimal supervision.

Business challenge

The client was rolling out the next version of the application; they wanted to ensure that the new version had enhanced user experience and could use it as a self-service portal to handle the insurance policyholders' requests.

  • The new version of the App was designed to allow the insurance policyholders to self-serve, which means there was no human intervention to catch errors. Hence, every feasible situation must undergo quality assurance and testing (QA and testing), especially for exceptions or extreme circumstances, to guarantee that all use cases function as expected.
  • As users can choose from different alternatives while self-serving, it is important that all permutations & combinations options are thoroughly validated.
  • For every new feature enhancement or bug fix, the above steps needed to be repeated. Testing automation was one of the key considerations that would meet the enhanced timelines & ensure the right risk coverage.
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Trigent solution

Trigent's experience in the insurance domain, understanding of the client's business model, and expertise in QA testing processes equipped them to build an agile app development & testing process:

  • Trigent set up a team of insurance domain experts to start functional testing once the application functionalities were stable.
  • The team initially collaborated with the customer to understand the V1 application's workflows and configurations. Given the nature of the changes, Trigent developed over 200 unique manual test cases that covered all workflows with a particular focus on high-risk scenarios and combinations involving policy dates and premiums.
  • The application modules were released every week, and the team performed the E2E and QA testing to ensure the right configuration and field validation of all the modules using the test cases, which helped to:
    • Identify missing business rules and incorrect calculations of policies
    • Suggest improved customer experience
    • Maintain a consistent look and feel across the application
  • Trigent created a Cypress framework from scratch with utilities for application automation and eliminated the time-consuming and repetitive manual testing process. It automated 85% of the manual test cases.
  • The team used Jenkins for daily test automation and ensured no regression issue for a faster development cycle.

Client benefits

  • 85% of Test coverage reduced test cycle time and aided in the timely release
  • 80% of reduced Test execution time ensured daily feature release
  • And resulted in 4x faster time-to market
  • Technology Stack
    Technology stack:
    Testrail JIRA Cypress TypeScript Postman Github ESLINT Jenkins Amazon S3 bucket
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  • Business Value

    Updating a live, operational insurance application with real-time data is a complex, risky and challenging task. A leading InsurTech company, in collaboration with Trigent's QA and Testing teams, successfully rolled out a significant upgrade to its web application using robust Test Automation.