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    Over time user interface/user experience (UI/UX) has evolved to a great deal and enabled companies to enhance their interaction with customers. According to Nelson Hall, the global UX and UI market is close to $5,308 million. The global UI/UX market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 15.4%. Moreover, Forrester Research states that a frictionless UX could increase customer conversion rates by approximately 400%.

42% Increase in the Use of Web Interface for a Leading Healthcare Company with a Customized Webview Version!


Digital Healthcare is a must have in the post pandemic era that has a great bearing in defining the digital landscape in Healthcare. The client needed an intuitive user interface that simplified user experience for data input considering patient or caregiver user personas as compared to trained medical professionals earlier. Additional requirements involved the ability to mask patient info for study data, measurements, find and view images from WebView in a simple and intuitive manner. Designing for a consumer to input data accurately with little or no training remained a key challenge.


Designing the customized WebView version involved iterative requirements gathering, technical feasibility assessment and a detailed feature analysis to recommend the optimal solution for healthcare providers. Trigent's domain experts led with the key UI recommendations to aid an end-to-end digitization of all the health records and its best rendition across several healthcare specialties, with OB-GYN as the focus.

The following key features have been considered to ensure 100% digitization of the client’s requirement and best-in-class UI/UX experience for the users.


A detailed view of one of the solutions is depicted below:


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Business Impact/ Outcome

The new enhanced WebView version consolidated patient reports in digital format. Healthcare providers/ users, in a single click, could access the complete patient health record and with minimal training
Enhanced look & feel with optimal ease of usage and web interface customized across all medical specialties with all required formats supported
42% increase in the use of the web interface post the roll-out across all healthcare specialties