How to implement QA & Automation in DevOps & Agile environment

by Kangeyan Passoubady & Diwakar Menon

Mar 4, 2021 | 11 AM – 12 PM ET | Virtual Webinar

Businesses today want to outmaneuver the competition with speed to market. One key ingredient to achieve this is smarter software testing. To this end, most organizations have transitioned to a DevOps / Agile environment. This brings its own set of challenges that don’t seem to ebb even after a successful transition.

Listen to Kangeyan Passoubady, Principal Architect (Test Automation), Socotra, on how he sees this journey towards higher software testing maturity. In this upcoming webinar, he will share the story about how he:

  • Collaborated with all stakeholders to envision an apt DevOps/Agile environment
  • Set up processes and practices for working with distributed teams
  • Collated tips and tools to improve DevOps Pipeline
  • Automated testing in the DevOps lifecycle

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