Build High Performing Products for the cloud

Build highly scalable, elastic, cloud-native software products

With over 200 products developed in the last 7 years, we understand what it takes to develop reliable software products that drive your business growth. Many software companies are moving from the traditional web delivery to cloud based, SaaS models. Trigent can help build products that bring cloud-based innovations, high performance, elasticity, and delivered via web & mobile channels using Azure or AWS technologies.

Trigent will work with you to create and elaborate fully functional prototypes and develop a minimum viable product (MVP) to realize its value in the market. We will continue to add more features to your product, integrate with adjacent and complementary 3rd party services.

Our architects and developers assess technology transformation needs to enhance user experience, reduce operational costs and target new business opportunities. Following the product engineering lifecycle in the cloud, our services include consulting, engineering and managing in a secure environment.

Our Product Engineering Expertise include:

  • EC2, Elastic Beanstalk, Lambda
  • S3, EFS
  • RDS, DynamoDB, ElastiCache
  • API Gateway, SWF, Elastic Transcoder
  • .NET
  • Azure Functions
  • SQL & MySQL Database service, CosmosDB
  • Azure Search
  • Azure Redis Cache
  • Azure WebJobs, Azure Queue
  • MongoDB, Apache Cassandra
  • Node.js