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Confidently migrate to the cloud buoyed by peaked performance and business continuity.

Cloud migration

Making cloud migration smart and swift

Finding the right migration path for your applications is fraught with challenges. It's vital to get the migration right the first time, for, a lengthy rework cycle awaits the company otherwise. Further, the service dependencies must be unknotted to assess the varying migration paths of various applications.

We ensure the best and optimal migration path for your unique business scenario and objectives, ensuring greater scalability, productivity and reduced capital and operating costs. This results in better speed-to-market even as the security and compliance are handled efficiently.

Our cloud migration services are optimized for business continuity and performance. We assist businesses in migrating infrastructure, on-premise applications and platforms, and in re-architecting existing and legacy applications for cloud deployment.

Migrating existing and legacy applications

Migrating existing and legacy applications

We migrate all kinds of existing and legacy applications to the cloud.

Our services are tailored to your application needs, business objectives, current IT and cloud scenario. We validate your existing applications to ensure if they're cloud-ready and transform them into 'cloud-worthy' if required.

Based on the unique business and IT requirements, we use the following approaches to migrate applications to cloud.

  • Rehost: Lift-and-shift
  • Replatform: Lift-tinker-and-shift
  • Refactor/Re-architect: Re-imagining how the application is architected and developed, using cloud-native features
  • Retain: Mark for 'revisit' in future, while letting it be as-is for now
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