Cloud Cost Optimization Services

Analyze your cloud spend and optimize cloud cost savings

On average, enterprises are wasting 35% of their cloud spend due to inefficient use. To save money, you need to identify wasted cloud spend, uncover inefficient cloud resources, shut down workloads that don't need to run. In addition to this, leverage automation to continually optimize cloud spend.

Our cloud cost optimization services can help you reduce both current and ongoing cloud costs by identifying and eliminating waste.

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Cost Allocation

  • Advanced spend analysis and reports of cost savings
  • Custom dashboard view

Spend Allocation

  • Continuous monitoring of cloud usage data
  • Identify idle, unused, and mismatched resources

Cloud Security

  • Active monitoring and visibility to your cloud
  • Perimeter assessment

380+ pre-built checks

  • Provide best practices for security, availability, cost, and usage
  • Alerts about critical changes and configuration

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Benefits of Cloud Cost Optimization Services

  • Continuous optimization of cloud for cost and efficiency.
  • Proactive cost monitoring with advanced alerts for cost control.
  • Identify and uncover unused resources with 380+ pre-built checks.
  • Helps in streamlining your current and projected cloud spend.