Cloud Infrastructure Implementation Services

Get one step closer to a digital enterprise

Building and transforming an IT infrastructure that is flexible, secure, scalable and cost-effective, while executing business strategies and adopting frameworks to move to an "as-a-service" model can be a daunting task. We understand these complexities and take an end to end approach to infrastructure issues.

We offer cloud infrastructure strategy and planning services from our Cloud Advisory Services to help you evaluate and prepare for implementing or updating cloud in your environment. After identifying the most appropriate workloads, our specialists work with you to assess your infrastructure readiness.

Trigent's Cloud Infrastructure Implementation Services include:

  • Infrastructure Design and Implementation:
    • Comprehensive infrastructure and application architecture implementation
    • Create cloud infrastructure design
    • Provide Transition & Transformation (T&T) Plan
  • Infrastructure Build:
    • Divide workloads into applications, data, and infrastructure
    • Determine the delivery infrastructure you will use to abstract the application infrastructure
    • Define monitoring practices, physical infrastructure - network, power supplies, and more
    • Define Security and Governance
  • Infrastructure Migration:
    • Strategy and Roadmap
    • Infrastructure Audit
    • Automate and deploy infrastructure to cloud
    • Transfer data to cloud platform and thoroughly test all functionality and security
  • Infrastructure Deployment:
    • Cloud
    • Hybrid
    • On-premises
  • On-going Support:
    • Design and implement end-to-end monitoring solutions with right KPIs for your whole business case

Benefits of our Cloud Infrastructure Implementation Services

  • Reduces Total Cost of Ownership and CapEx
  • Increase in Automation
  • Support for disaster recovery, business continuity, and high availability
  • Reduce ICT costs through higher utilization of infrastructure (optimization)
  • On-demand access