Cloud Managed Backup & Restore Services

Ensure the safety and security of your critical data assets

Data backups require regular maintenance and testing to ensure the right backup will be ready and accessible whenever businesses require them. Our Managed Backup and Restore services enable you to protect your mission-critical data.

Our services can do the backup and restore data irrespective of where it resides in the enterprise environment, from servers to desktops, laptops, smartphones, tablets, and in cloud-based applications. Our solution gives an end to end approach to data protection with a solution that synergistically leverages backup, replication, analytics, and reporting.

Managed Backup is primarily concerned with recovering lost data or information.

  • There will be one or more storage devices to keep copies of your files and data, together with software that allows your backups to be scheduled and managed.
  • You will often be able to archive files too, freeing up resources in favor of the files and data that you're currently working on.
  • The technology is low in maintenance – it doesn't require much intervention but is reliable – it is there when you need it.

Benefits of our Cloud Managed Backup & Restore Services

  • Reduces cost, implementation efforts and maintenance requirements
  • Reduce your backup data footprint and consumed storage capacity
  • Lower TCO and enhanced optimization of IT infrastructure
  • SLA-backed Business Continuity
  • Highly reliable and customizable
  • Increase productivity and decrease downtime
  • 24/7 monitoring and fault resolution by our experienced backup team