Cloud Network Design Services

Is your network ready for Cloud?

Central to the cloud infrastructure is the network. By designing and implementing networks, Trigent helps your business operate more efficiently.

  • Local Area Network (LAN): LAN analysis, consulting, design, implementation, diagnostics, and management.
  • Wide Area Network (WAN): WAN analysis, consulting, design, WAN hardware, interconnectivity hardware, MPLS/DSL.
  • Remote Network Monitoring: With highly skilled engineers we can configure and remotely monitor all of your network systems (email, servers, routers, available disk space, backup applications, critical virus detection, and more) from our secure Network Operations Center (NOC).

Our professionals work closely with our clients to design their network through an iterative planning process to ensure no security or performance gaps exist. Process includes:

  • Auditing and assessing your network
  • Identify network design requirements
  • Design the network topology and solutions
  • Plan the network implementation
  • Implement and document the design
  • Verify, monitor and modify as needed

Benefits of our Cloud Network Design Services

  • Address security flaws
  • Identify and rectify bandwidth bottlenecks
  • Provides extensive insight into your network and its performance
  • Proactive monitoring for reliability and scalability
  • Define and deliver on end to end cloud SLAs
  • Secure cloud services systematically
  • Business Continuity