Cloud Security Services

Minimize business risk and protect your user experience

Security and data protection are integral for cloud success. No matter where you are on your cloud journey we can protect your sensitive data and application.

At Trigent, we develop a cloud strategy and provides an end to end approach to cloud security that meets your privacy, compliance, and business needs.

Trigent's Cloud Security Services include:

  • Vulnerability Assessments: Assess network devices, operating systems, web applications, ports, and services. We ensure you are always up-to-date and have the best information to maintain a secure infrastructure.
  • Monitoring: Monitor the infrastructure, identify and resolve performance issues before they cause problems for end users.
  • Controlled Access: Our highly skilled NOC engineers will help understand security issues and manage the resolution and process. We will help to protect resources residing on the cloud from a single authentication platform.
  • Intelligent Security Operations: We provide consistent security controls that span cloud and on-premises environments. Using our risk-managed approach to enterprise security, you can optimize your investment, reduce complexity and improve your security posture — which helps you achieve better business results.
  • Security Advisory Services: Identify gaps and develop plans to move toward your desired level of security readiness.
  • Infrastructure and Endpoint Security: Regardless of your infrastructure, we identify and provide accurate, real-time information about your endpoints. We will work with you to protect your critical data and enhance your processes, while keeping your operations flexible, efficient and responsive.
  • Threat and Vulnerability Management: End to end security strategy consulting to help our customers stay ahead of security threats. Our experts identify weaknesses that might enable attackers to steal data, gain access to intellectual property or disrupt your business.
  • Security Risk Management: We help you identify your cyber risks, map out a plan to address these deficiencies and execute your remediation projects.
  • Identity and Access Management (IAM): End to end IAM services to manage authentication credentials, users, identity risk and compliance. With our IAM services you'll be able to quickly enable access to resources and applications, whether in the cloud, or on-premises.
  • Data Protection and Privacy: We provide better visibility and control into how critical enterprise information is handled.

Benefits of our Cloud Security Services

  • Reduce infrastructure security issues
  • Near-zero business disruption
  • Prevent data leak
  • Content security and privacy
  • Integration of compliance and security
  • Access to advanced security tools
  • Identity management
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