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There is a tectonic shift towards mobile with an increase in the use of mobile devices and better connectivity. Users demand a seamless experience across devices and platforms. Riding on this wave of connectivity driven by the ready availability of internet-enabled mobile devices, enterprises are developing applications to monitor, enhance, and assist workflows. Crafting customer-facing new-age applications that rank high on experience, engagement, and drive anticipated business outcomes.

Our expertise as a mobile app development company helps craft an end-to-end strategic roadmap from enablement, deployment, support, and maintenance. We offer the best technology platforms, architecture, and components based on present and future requirements. Our mobile app design, development, and migration services ensure the delivery of feature-rich apps that complement complex workflows. Mobility that powers delightful experiences to bolster engagement and strengthen the user base. We emphasize on mobile application development to make you more versatile.


  • Select the business function that requires mobile enablement
  • Inability of existing architecture to support mobility
  • Select the right technology & platform
  • Inability to compete in a technology-driven landscape
  • Development and implementation complexities
  • Compliance with rules and regulations
  • Cross-platform configurations to enable rich experiences across devices
  • Unhindered quality performance irrespective of load, geography, and other factors

Types of apps we develop

Types of apps we develop
  • Financial Services
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Transportation & Logistics
  • E-Commerce & Retail
  • Aggregator Apps
  • eCommerce Apps
  • Enterprise Business Apps
  • Field Force Apps
  • Location Based Apps
  • Utility Apps

Our expertise

Make use of web components to create light weight mobile applications
  • Make use of web components to create lightweight mobile applications
  • Leverages existing web application
  • Enable a seamless web-enabled mobile experience
  • Significantly reduce time for development
  • Can be easily shared and instantly put to use by the click of a link
  • No dependency on mobile app stores or installations as mandated for native apps
  • Economical to develop
ReactJS AngularJS Visual Studio Eclipse

Leverage web apps to enable mobility

Applications built using the native feature set for Android/iOS platforms
  • Applications built using the native feature set for Android/iOS platforms
  • Native framework resulting in faster and more efficient performance
  • Native UI with an interactive and intuitive experience
  • Deliver superior performance
  • Seamless integration with the hardware features on the device
  • Enhanced security
Swift Objective-C Android Studio XCode Java Kotlin

Deliver superior UX and high performance apps

Shift the development focus to a cross-platform approach
  • Shift the development focus to a cross-platform approach
  • Use single code to develop android app & iOS apps
  • Uniform look and feel across platforms
  • Near to native UI
  • Accelerate the pace of development with quicker releases and updates
  • Save big on maintenance costs
React Native Visual Studio Flutter Xamarin Eclipse

Single code base to power apps on both iOS & Android platforms

Applications with combined elements of native and web applications
  • Applications with combined elements of native and web applications
  • Use single code to develop multi-platform applications
  • UX/UI Designs similar to web
  • Little slower performance
  • Hassle-free integration with other applications
  • Cost-effective development
Cordova Capacitor Ionic PhoneGap Visual Studio Eclipse

Leverage the HTML web content to create cost effective mobile apps

Mobile enablement strategy and consulting

Mobile enablement strategy and consulting

Mobility to compliment continuity

Mobile enablement is a new age prerogative integral to the software development process, with anytime-anywhere connectivity becoming the norm. Organizations can stay competitive in the ever-changing IT landscape by adapting mobile enablement to drive workflow efficiency and removing bottlenecks and other constraints through mobile collaboration. Mobile technologies are fast becoming a transformative force, changing the rules of engagement for businesses that wish to stay connected with stakeholders. Our expertise in mobile app development services helps us to frame a strategic roadmap and offer the best technology platforms, architecture, and components based on present and future requirements.

Master mobility by finding answers to the most pressing questions on

  • The breadth and depth of offering
  • Management simplicity
  • Flexibility to migrate overtime
Mobile app development

Mobile app development

Mobility to drive ingenuity

Consumers demand applications that are high on performance and provide a delightful experience. Businesses are aware of the ever-changing consumer demands. They are utilizing trending technologies such as AI/ML, AR/VR, Voice-based, and Geo-fencing to serve highly engaging products or apps.

The growing demand and acceptance of concepts such as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) require enablement or connectivity of enterprise applications for the remote worker on his/her preferred device. Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) enables this connectivity, taking into consideration the reliability and security considerations of an enterprise.

At Trigent, we help businesses create and deploy portable, scalable, and secure mobile applications that power a seamless and engaging connection between customers, employees, vendors, and partners.

Our team of skilled developers has keen ears, sharp minds, and able hands to deliver applications exactly aligned to your requirement.

  • Native Applications: Device or platform-specific applications
  • Hybrid Applications: Applications with combined elements of native and web applications
  • Cross Platform Applications: Applications that can run on multiple platforms or operating systems with near to native approach
  • Progressive Web Applications: Lightweight mobile applications make use of web components
User experiences

User experiences (usability design)

Enhanced experience for long-standing engagements

Our UX/UI capabilities power your vision to create a digital impression that aligns perfectly with your brand personality and ranks high on usability. Our efforts are driven by a clear emphasis to create a seamless user experience that ensures the user enjoys the same seamless experience irrespective of device or platform. Our seasoned designers guide you every step of the way from:

  • Gathering and evaluating user requirements alongside product managers and engineers
  • Illustrating design ideas using storyboards, process flows, and sitemaps
  • Build page navigation buttons and search fields
  • Developing UI mockups and prototypes that clearly illustrate the sites functionality and visuals

We approach user experience and user interface with a keen focus on improving conversion and increasing customer engagement.

Mobile app support & maintenance

Mobile app support & maintenance

Customers can switch loyalties in the blink of an eye if their experience is broken. Trigent’s mobile app support and maintenance ensure that your app performs without interruptions or downtime. We take the onus and assist you through the software development lifecycle till the point of making your applications live on the Appstore or Play Store.

A sound dev and maintenance of the backend API architecture ensures a seamless flow of data between the server and the app, driving a responsive front end. Our dedicated teams monitor, refine, fix and update your app or in other terms provide end-to-end support and maintenance, as per defined schedules to make sure the users are offered a superlative and engaging experience.

A well-supported and maintained app encourages active users driving retention. It also bodes well for new acquisitions as stability and performance are must-have parameters users want in the apps they use.

Mobile application testing

Mobile application testing

A poorly tested application is an invitation to failure as it severely hampers engagement and dents your credibility. Testing is an important threshold in the software development lifecycle. Testing is the penultimate assessment that tests the functional and non-functional aspects of your mobile app before it goes live.

Our experienced testers test your mobile app end to end through the SDLC process adhering to continuous integration and continuous deployment practices. They ensure to cover the complete gamut of the app be it front-end testing, back-end API testing, or security testing. An end-to-end testing practice that makes sure that all critical functionalities behave and respond as expected.

  • Device-level testing
  • Emulator testing
  • Backend API testing
  • Cloud-based device farm testing

Trigent’s team of experienced testers are identified to have an escape defect ratio average better than the industry average, clearly emphasizing the attention to detail and strict adherence to set protocols when carrying out mobile testing.

Breeze through platforms and scale by comprehensively testing your mobile app. Build responsive and engaging cross-platform & native mobile apps.

Start assessment

Build responsive and engaging cross-platform & native mobile apps.

Tech stack

Mobility Stack


  • Providing richer customer experiences with location-specific information for tailored user experience.
  • Creating intelligent apps that respond to search data to attract and retain customers.
  • Cloud-based enterprise apps can be delivered across devices and platforms for ongoing communication and collaboration.
  • Seamless content sharing on the go for users.
  • Paperless workflow with a dashboard for user control, to provide access to documents anytime and anywhere.
  • Empowerment of workforce to engage, discuss and connect on the go.

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