Product engineering

Product engineering

People, Passion & Perfection - The Key Ingredients for an Awesome Product

Discover how a thoughtfully tailored Tech Accelerator can meet the exigencies of startups, scale-ups, and mature enterprises and function as a catalyst for product development excellence by combining innovation with execution.

Why Product Engineering?

Adopting and implementing new technology requires a lot of work as there are a lot of challenges and uncertainties that can discourage organizations from making their mark in the tech industry. It is usually a path filled with obstacles with regard to resource augmentation, cost, and business priorities.

There is a need for organizations to elevate their capabilities at a fast pace which includes gaining platform expertise and getting assistance in terms of skills-sets, among many others.

To hit the bull-eye each time, when it comes to CX, organizations are looking for ideal individuals with domain expertise in unique cutting-edge technologies such as AI, data engineering, and IoT to scale their products. Additionally, organizations seek a team of engineers to help them transform their legacy systems to help sustain their core business strength.

Innovate the Future with Trigent’s Product Engineering Services

Obtaining services that extend a wide range of capabilities from custom business solutions to re-designing proprietary software products is essential for businesses. It is crucial for all businesses to incorporate digital solutions while focusing on their core product/service.

It is imperative for organizations to reduce time to market and improve scalability while remaining cost-effective. A strategic partner who understands Software Product Engineering with a proven track record can not only provide you with an adequate product development strategy but also transform your development lifecycle and help you be more competitive.

For small and medium companies maintaining a team that fits the crests of product development cycles is always expensive, particularly during the startup and growth phases. Hence, an external partnership becomes a favorable option to convert fixed costs into variable costs through on-demand development teams. Moreover, it also enables an organization to gain a competitive edge in the market as it may result in an improvement in the product quality by close to 30% due to companies having access to development best practices and domain specialists.

At Trigent, we cover a wide spectrum from design and development to deployment. Additionally, we collaborate with in-house teams to produce state-of-the-art and innovative products and solutions, from proof of concepts, Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) to pilot executions. Trigent’s two decades of product engineering experience will help you in your product development life cycle, be it the need is to support a single stage of the product development cycle or take end-to-end ownership. We leverage new-age technologies such as IoT, Cloud, Virtualization, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to influence your business value positively.

Embark on a Product Development Odyssey with Us!

Our Transformative methodology

Organizations gain a competitive advantage when business outcomes become the backbone of product design and engineering. Product engineering goes beyond the product features and backlogs and focuses on the broader aspects, such as enhanced CX and outcomes.

Product engineering is at the forefront of digital transformation. At Trigent, we bring the best-in-class product design and development team to build innovative and cost-effective applications/software. Moreover, we believe in working closely with organizations to identify problems to be solved and then adapt the most appropriate Software for Product Development Lifecycle methodologies such as Prototype, Waterfall, Agile Scrum, and Continuous Discovery (CD) to ensure that our customers benefit from reduced costs, time to market, and achieve better results.

Our transformative methodology explores every angle of product development, combining the essential ingredients to success - imagination, experience, skill, and knowledge.

Trigent's Development Methodology

Our product engineering offerings

Application security testing

New product development

Transforming a business idea into reality requires knowledge, expertise, and discipline. Trigent shares your vision to develop a comprehensive product.

  • Product Ideation and Conceptualization
  • Prototyping
  • Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
  • Beta Testing & Go-to-market
Product testing, development, and maintenance

Product testing, development, and maintenance

We manage all aspects of the product development lifecycle by optimizing processes, providing insight into requirements, and better reporting and analytics.

  • Life-Cycle Management
  • Product Enhancements
  • Product Maintenance
  • Product Testing
Product transformation

Product transformation

With over two decades of domain experience, Trigent offers you a detailed overview of the platform, architecture, data, layers and integration points, and non-functional aspects and helps prepare a high-level product development strategy.

  • Legacy Transformation and Upgrades
  • Technology Assessment
  • Product Roadmap Definition
  • Mobile Enablement
  • Cloud enablement
  • SaaS Enablement

Develop custom build solutions that meet your business goals.


  • In-time products and operations for cost-effective releases
  • Green innovation with impeccable product designs and materials
  • Extended product engineering ecosystem to enhance global footprint
  • Product, process, and regulatory compliance
  • Extended and flexible resources for lean processes and frugal core team
  • On-time, within budget, customer value-enhanced products and solutions

Our technology expertise

We, at Trigent, have always viewed technology as a means to an end that provides a significant impact on the organization. We combine business and industry-specific knowledge with disruptive technology to fuel growth while optimizing processes, costs, and efficiencies.

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