Engagement Model

Trigent's Offshore Development Center (ODC) Offers Hybrid Dedicated Teams for Seamless Collaboration and Dedicated Service

Most software vendors engage a dedicated Trigent team that works as a part of their development team. We deploy such teams using a hybrid, onsite, nearshore and offshore model. We leverage our offices in US and India to provide a seamless collaborative experience for development.

While core team members play an integral role in the customer's development team over the long term, we bring in specialists for short term needs, when needed, to meet product goals. These specialists can be technology specialists, business analysts, domain consultants, Scrum Masters, architects, database developers and test engineers.

Our Delivery Model

Trigent's ODC Model

For more details on the ODC model see here

We offer specific product engineering engagements where we can operate on a Fixed bid or Time and Material basis depending on the nature of the engagement.