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How can QA & Testing improve time to market and maximize business impact?

360 degree testing ensures smooth functionality for a trucking intelligence company

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Make testing a continuous process

Trigent helps companies in their product evolution journey by building tomorrow's QA enterprise. We provide a combination of transformation models to address the constantly changing technology landscape, a framework for package-testing-led business transformation, and new engagement models.


  • Non availability of modern, cost-effective environment to facilitate the delivery of quality software
  • Insecure test environment seriously impacting user experience
  • Defective solutions resulting in escalating costs and timelines and lost customers

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Our Offerings


Manual Testing

Trigent's manual testing, backed by a perfect combination of techno-functional experts, domain knowledge, and proven test methodologies, ensures software quality by introducing testing, early in the software development life cycle, and staying on after completion of all components of the project.

  • Functional Testing
  • Exploratory / Ad-hoc Testing
  • Mobile Testing
  • Omni-channel User Experience Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • ERP Testing
  • Regression Testing
  • Compatibility Testing
  • REST API Testing

Test Automation

Trigent's Test Automation, reinforced by strong partners such as Borland (Microfocus), is aligned with today's business environment with the ability to provide cost benefits, performance, and agility.

As niche test automation experts we have significant experience in open source and commercial testing tools. Our large library of modular, reusable and resilient frameworks simplifies scenario-based automation. We provide on-demand testing and next-gen scheduling.


  • Accelerated script development
  • Modular and reusable framework components
  • Easy test script maintenance
  • On-demand testing
  • Hybrid model
  • Scheduling and customizable reporting

Performance Testing

Trigent ensures enduring success for clients across a spectrum of industries by ensuring optimal system performance and intuitive testing. Trigent's optimized cost model backed by best-in-class partnerships and alliances ensures predictive models, thorough evaluation to finish making for superior, enduring performance.

We ensure

  • Early identification of major application defects and architectural issues
  • Continuous involvement for performance-driven development
  • Robust business continuity with resilient and failover testing
  • Comprehensive analysis and recommendations for performance
  • Certified engineers with strong expertise on COTS/Open source tools

Security Testing

Trigent's Security testing services are focussed on ensuring peace of mind for our clients by providing holistic security assurance. Our testing services span different industry segments to improve the speed of information security and compliance requirements and most of all ensuring that vulnerabilities are eradicated.

We ensure

  • Early detection of vulnerabilities for reduced risk
  • Testing focused on the business priorities to ensure business runs as usual
  • Centralized knowledge repository for quick fix of issues
  • Central tracking and reporting for compliance
  • Reduced spends on managing breaches and their consequences
  • Enhanced ability to collaborate with external sources (vendors, developers, customers)

Test Data Management

Test Data Management, with effective use of sub-setting and synthetic data generation, and the use of masked production data has begun to yield large efficiency gains. TDM enables measurable outcomes such as 30-40% faster releases, 15% fewer software defects, and compliance with data privacy laws and regulations. Trigent's TDM Services reduces your test data provisioning, management and cost overheads and ensure data integrity, classification, and policy driven masking.

Trigent's TDM Lifecycle comprehensively covers process & techniques to manage data masking (obfuscation) of sensitive information and synthetic data creation to assure compliance may in the regulatory governed industries as Banking & Financial Services, Insurance, Healthcare, etc.

We ensure

  • TD Planning - TD Analysis, TD Design
  • TD Execution - TD Prep, TD Use
  • TD Maintenance - Script Update, Data Update

Next-Generation Testing

AI-based Test Automation

Trigent’s analytics engine, which includes cognitive capabilities powered by smart techniques and insights optimizes testing efforts, and identify areas of improvement to significantly increase software quality and reliability.

Trigent's AI & machine learning will aid test automation to significantly improve software quality, significantly reduce level of effort by way of defect/predictive Analysis, improve defect discovery, traceability, and automated test case generation.

IoT Testing

Trigent offers a QA strategy that validates IoT applications in a comprehensive manner. Our unique frameworks offer functional validation, load simulation, and security verification even as they integrate seamlessly with various IoT protocols and platforms.

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Our Tool Capabilities

Test Automation Tools

  • Selenium
  • Appium
  • Watir
  • SilkTest
  • HP UFT (QTP)
  • TestComplete
  • Telerik Test Studio
  • XML based test tool

Performance Testing Tools

  • Grinder
  • Silk Performer
  • Visual Studio
  • Apache Jmeter
  • CloudLite (SOASTA)
  • BrowserMob
  • WebLOAD

Security Testing Tools

  • WebSecurify
  • NetSparker
  • Burp Suite


  • Business transformation by elevating QA from application quality to business outcomes.
  • Technology transformation to cover the entire digital technology stack to ensure innovation without disruption to existing technology stack.
  • Customer experience transformation with quality solutions that focus on performance, security and usability.
  • Operational transformation through intelligent automation, using cognitive capabailities for a lifecycel approach to quality.
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